Good teeth and a walk-in wardrobe: Signs you have it all, according to Brits

When we say someone ‘has it all’, what do we mean? Is it their wage packet? Their tight-knit family? Their successful career?

A new study has revealed it might actually be more simple to seem like you have it all, finding that everything from well behaved children to a walk-in wardrobes are markers.

Müller Yogurt and Desserts, who commissioned the survey, asked 2,000 Brits what having it all looks like to them, and the top answer – at 38% – is having job you love.

Being able to travel business class, being able to eat what you want without gaining weight, having white, straight teeth, and a spotless house also featured high on the list of dream life traits.

Around a quarter of respondents felt that a walk-in wardrobe, a Cotswolds holiday home, or a senior job title (respectively) mean someone has it all, and other displays of wealth like Maldives holidays and the latest iPhone also made the list.

Despite 65% of the nation saying they know someone who seems to have it all, though, a whopping 72% admit they find these people slightly annoying.

In fact, over half of us know someone who likes to make out that they have it all in life, but we secretly suspect they don’t.

Overall, 81% confessed that they doubt anyone truly ‘has it all’, and just 15% felt they have it all themselves.

Michael Inpong at Müller commented: ‘Our research has uncovered the top signs we truly “have it all”, from being able to eat whatever we like without gaining weight to fluently speaking a second language and having the latest iPhone.’

What makes you seem like you ‘have it all’?

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