Glam twins who spent fortune on plastic surgery share op they both regret

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    Twins who make fortunes by looking like real-life dolls on OnlyFans revealed the one plastic surgery they both regretted.

    Dolly and Daisy Simpson, 26, are famous for getting boob jobs on the same day in a bid to look identical.

    The sisters have spent £140,000 in total on cosmetic procedures – but if they could turn back time they would change one thing.

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    They spilled all on Daily Star’s new video series My Colourful Life.

    After travelling to our London HQ from their home in Stockton-on-Tees, Daisy said: “I don’t think we miss any of our old features but we do have some surgery regrets.

    “When we had our rhinoplasty we did ask for the same nose and I feel like we didn’t get the same result even though we had the surgery on the same day by the same surgeon.

    “I feel like my nose didn’t come out quite as well as Dolly’s nose.

    “It’s not really a regret because it is better than my old nose but I would like my nose redone.”

    Nodding in agreement, Dolly added: “So would I.”

    Like her sister, Dolly has had a boob job, a rhinoplasty and a labiaplasty – but she’s also gone solo for a few procedures.

    That includes getting a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and veneers.

    And although they are now hugely popular online, the pair had little confidence as teenagers after being bullied in school.

    Explaining how they felt about themselves, Dolly told us: “The things we didn’t like about our appearance before plastic surgery was our nose, we felt like it was too big.

    “Our boobs, we felt like they looked different. We also felt we just looked basic. We didn’t have much self-esteem I don’t think.”

    As for why they wanted to look identical, she added: “We want to look more alike because it makes us look more like twins. It has been a bonding experience getting plastic surgery together.

    “We find it quite fun and thrilling.”

    The reason they can afford such extravagant purchases is because of their success on saucy subscription site OnlyFans.

    They joined the site from their bedrooms in lockdown after losing their jobs as exotic dancers.

    They have never looked back since and despite pocketing life-changing money, they say their plastic surgery journey is far from over.

    Dolly said: “We feel like we are not very close to our plastic surgery goal. We want a lot more plastic surgery.

    “We would love to get our noses redone, our boobs redone. I guess it takes time to become the woman that you want to be.”

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