Girl is in fits over guy in her class who can’t tell the difference between a thermometer and a pregnancy test

AN AMUSED and bemused college student took to Twitter to ask if she should be concerned about her classmate, after he confused a thermometer for a pregnancy test.

Hannah, an American student from St. Louis Missouri, couldn’t believe it when her friend made the error.

She posted the tweet on February 6 with the caption: “umm should I be worried about this kid from my English class.”

The screen grab showed the amusing exchange between the Hannah and her class mate “Jeremy From Transcedentalism”.

He asked her if she was going to class tomorrow to which she responded with the thermometer reading a high temperature of 100.4°C.

The oblivious English student replied with the question: “Does that mean you’re pregnant or not.”

The mix up has since gone viral gaining more than 31,000 retweets and more than 163,000 likes.

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