Full Moon spiritual meaning: How will tonights Buck Moon affect your horoscope?

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The seventh Full Moon of the year rises tonight, appearing in the skies in the sign of Aquarius. July’s Full Moon is traditionally known as the Buck Moon, though you may also recognise it as the Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. In strictly astronomical terms, a Full Moon appears when the Sun and Moon are opposed with the Earth directly in between.

Here in the UK, this will happen in the wee morning hours of Saturday, July 24.

But depending on your location – the US east coast, for instance – the Full Moon will reach its peak late on Friday night.

Regardless of your location, the Full Moon’s arrival tonight is guaranteed to mark a profound transitional period.

The Full Moon rises tonight in the sign of Aquarius, in direct Opposition to the Sun in Leo.

Spiritually, the Moon is said to reflect everything that goes on inside of you.

The Moon is a feminine symbol that rules over your emotions, your dreams and your deepest desires.

The Sun, on the other hand, rules over your external life, how you carry yourself around others and how your emotions are communicated to the world.

During an Opposition, the two aspects of your life are often at odds.

Some astrologers consider Oppositions to be among the toughest aspects to deal with because different forces are struggling for control.

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This could, for example, introduce tension into your work-home balance.

Or perhaps you find yourself struggling to keep your professional life out of your relationships.

According to astrologer Jamie Partridge of AstrologyKing.com the tension and conflicts can “drain your energy”.

The expert explained on his website: “The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a Full Moon.

“So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationships challenges.

“Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships.”

You can, consequently, expect to see disharmony caused by negativity or your relationship dynamics.

This Full Moon is also impacted by another influence – the Planet of Love, Venus.

The Aquarius Moon and Venus form a 150-degree Quincunx.

In this scenario, you find yourself looking for love and affection.

But you run the risk of encountering tension between yourself and a loved one.

Mr Partidge added: “Whatever the issue, it may become a recurring problem with a continual build-up then release of tension.

“These karmic imbalances involving love and emotion are probably related to your family, most likely your mother.”

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