Free TV licences for OAP’s is a basic right – Voice of the Mirror

If anything should serve as a warning to the Tories about breaking their manifesto promise, it should be MPs formally backing free TV licences for over-75s.

The ever-shameless Conservatives want to charge the elderly £154.50 each a year for something that is a vital lifeline for so many.

PM Theresa May is trying to shift the blame on to the BBC, but everyone knows it is the Tories who are refusing to front the annual £745million cost from next year.

TV is an irreplaceable comfort to many senior citizens who are entitled to something back after a lifetime of grafting and paying tax.

Slashing this benefit shows the mean-minded pettiness of a party that cannot be trusted.

Let’s all fight for the over-75s and politically punish a party that gives millionaires tax handouts while it short-changes the elderly.

An SOS for the SOS

Piling more patients on to already overworked GPs is just one symptom our ailing health service is experiencing.

It’s nothing short of a medical emergency that numbers of family doctors are falling for the first time since the 1960s. The Tories’ unrelenting commitment to austerity at all costs shows they can’t be trusted with the NHS.

Patients need to be able to book an appointment on the same day they call, or at least the day after. Medics need the time to listen ­carefully, examine people thoroughly and ­diagnose properly. But the Tories are happy to undermine care if it helps the bottom line.

This is the worst funding squeeze in the history of the NHS, which was supposed to offer a free, first-class health service to everybody, regardless of income. But yet again, the Tories serve only those who can afford to pay.

Arch you cute?

It's hardly uncommon for great-­grandparents to coo over a new arrival.

But it wasn’t just the Queen and Prince Philip who were gushing yesterday. Adorable Archie sent half the world gaga as fans in the UK and US saw his first photo shoot.

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