Former fattest man says hospital planned to cremate him in an ABATTOIR

Former world’s fattest man who once tipped scales at 80 STONE says hospital planned to cremate him like an animal in an ABATTOIR because they wouldn’t be able to handle his size

  • Paul Mason, from Ipswich, once weighed 80 stone and ate 40 chocolates a day 
  • Claims hospital said he would have to be cremated in abattoir if he died 
  • 61-year-old reveals how weight loss has changed his life in an ITV documentary  

The former world’s fattest man has revealed a hospital had planned to cremate him in an abattoir if he died because they would’ve been unable to handle his size themselves.

Paul Mason, 61, from Ipswich, said he was ‘disgusted’ by the plans drawn up during his three years living on a hospital ward, which included giving him an animal cremation if he died.

The former post man, who once tipped scales at 80 stone, told ITV in new documentary The World’s Fattest Man: 10 Years On, that he experienced inhumane treatment while battling his escalating weight.    

‘If I died in hospital they wouldn’t be able to deal with someone my size so they made a form up to say that if I died in hospital they’d have to take me to an abattoir to where the large animals go to and die…. And I’d be cremated in the animal cremation,’ Paul said. 

Paul Mason, 61, from Ipswich, who is the world’s former fattest man, has claimed a hospital planned to cremate him an abattoir if he died. Pictured: Paul in 2011

Paul said the ‘disgusting’ hospital plans were drawn up because the would’ve been unable to handle his size

Paul, who found fame on TLC’s World’s Fattest Man, said at his heaviest he would take out his own teeth as they crumbled from his diet of 40 chocolate bars a day. Pictured: Paul in 2009

‘I thought it was disgusting. I couldn’t believe they were doing that,’ he added.

Paul explained that at his heaviest it became increasingly difficult to leave the house and as his diet of 40 chocolate bars a day made his teeth crumble, he would pull the cracked ones out himself, according to the Sun. 

He claimed that he was able to kill a nerve by heating needles up and sterilising his mouth before inserting the needle straight into his gum. 

The 61-year-old estimates that he removed at least a dozen of his own teeth using this method.

Since finding fame on TLC’s World’s Fattest Man, Paul has seen his weight yo-yo while struggling to bring his eating under control. 

Paul briefly found love with Rebecca Mountain – 13 years his junior (pictured), after shedding his excess weight with gastric bypass surgery

He was able to shrink down to 19 stone after a successful gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and soon moved to the United States to be with Rebecca Mountain – 13 years his junior.

While living in the States, Paul underwent operations to have his excess skin removed.

However, he soon ballooned again to over 30 stone after gorging on pizza when his relationship with Rebecca came to an end.  

The basic health insurance he could afford in the US was inadequate for his state of health, Paul previously told the Mirror

Before moving to join Ms Mountain, an eight stone vegetarian, in Massachusetts in 2014, Paul’s care was costing UK taxpayers £100,000-a-year and an estimated £1.5million in total.

Paul claims his weight escalated after his relationship with Rebecca (pictured) ended because he would gorge on pizza

In a 2002 medical emergency, fire crews had to take out a window and brickwork so a forklift could take him out of the house and to hospital in a five-ton ambulance specially built for obese people.

By 2009 he needed a life-saving operation after putting away 20,000 calories a day, including three family-sized takeaway meals an evening.

Then in 2010 he had gastric bypass surgery that shrunk his stomach to the size of an egg.

In 2013 Ms Mountain contacted Mr Mason after seeing a documentary about him.

The pair got engaged and in May 2015 he had four stone of excess skin cut from his body in a nine-hour procedure in New York. 

Paul returned to the UK in 2019 after almost five years of living in the United States, claiming that he needed to get his life back on track 

The NHS had refused to do the £30,000 operation until his weight had been stable for two years.

Despite him getting down to 19 stone, the couple called off their engagement in September 2015.

Paul turned to stealing from supermarkets to fund his consumption and was fined $50 during a US court appearance in November 2018. 

He returned to the UK ‘for the assistance I need to get my life back on track’ in 2019.

At the time Paul claimed that he needed multiple operations, including new knees, a hip and numerous hernia operations, costing the NHS over £100,000. 

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