Fans ask whats up with Victoria Beckhams plump pout – but is it lip filler?

Victoria Beckham has sparked a Twitter debate after appearing on US chat show Good Morning America with, what fans are calling, a “much plumper” pout.

The 47 year old looked as youthful as ever as she chatted about her Victoria Beckham makeup collection, but while there were plenty of gushing comments about her glowing skin, fans also took to the social app to ask if she’d had a bit of work done to her lips.

“Victoria Beckham got the extra good lip filler I see,” speculated one, while another commented: “Watching@GMAand asking myself what’s up with @victoriabeckham lips.”

The fashion designer has been quite tight-lipped about any cosmetic work she may or may not have had, only commenting once on having a surgical breast enlargement in a Vogue interview – a procedure she ultimately went on to regret, urging others “not to mess with your boobs”.

VB also spoke to This Morning in 2019 on the subject of Botox and fillers, saying: "I haven't been tempted by a cosmetic procedure, but never say never. It's whatever makes anybody feel good about themselves. I would rather celebrate who I am and be the best version of myself rather than change too much."

Could she possibly have changed her mind and decided now is the time to get a few tweakments?

We asked Dr Ana, aesthetic doctor fromKat & Co, to comment on the mum-of-four’s Good Morning America look..

“In my opinion Victoria Beckham’s most recent lip look shows the typical appearance of volume enhancement and rejuvenation using dermal fillers. This is where a hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the lips to attract fluid (for rehydration), enhance the border of the lip for definition and replace the volume that has been lost with the years,” explains Dr Ana.

“This plump, smooth and hydrated appearance is what most of my patients in their 40s and 50s ask for in the clinic as the lips lose significant volume and definition with the natural ageing process.”

She also advises that for patients who are considering this procedure, choosing your injector carefully is key.

“Find a medical practitioner who is comfortable with saying no to ensure you don’t get carried away, as overfilled lips can be extremely ageing and detrimental to someone’s overall aesthetic in my opinion. It’s more about turning back time rather than dramatically changing your appearance in my opinion.”

Whether VB has or hasn’t opted for a bit of filler, there’s no denying the former Spice Girls member is certainly an excellent reason to invest in some items from her own range of makeup.

The beauty mogul shared some behind-the-scenes explainers of her GMA look, letting fans know that her youthful flush was the result of her new Cheeky Posh Cream Blush Sticks, £36 here.

The launch marks her first venture into blushers, and all five shades are set to fly off shelves.

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