Family rushes to hospital for dying gran, 103, but all she wanted was soup

A family rushed to the hospital bedside so they could be with their ‘dying’ 103-year-old gran – but only to find out when they got there that she wanted soup (specifically homemade).

Atlas Ruth has a close relationship with her British great grandmother Ruth, so fled to the hospital to be with her in what was thought to be her final moments.

But after thinking the old-timer would not wake again, the doctors didn’t quite predict what happened next.

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When Atlas and family arrived at the hospital, Ruth “jumped up” and started to declare her love for soup – the homemade kind.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up millions of views, the great granddaughter filmed Ruth as she spoke about soup in what was thought to be her last moments.

As she sat in the room with a blue surgical mask on, Atlas explained: “Doctors called my family to come urgently because my 103 [year-old] great granny is dying, they said would never wake up again… then this woman jumps up, talks about how much she loves soup.”

Ruth started to explain to her loved ones how much soup had a dear place in her heart as she rested in bed.

“You get a bowl and freeze it so the next time I want some soup… I’ve got a bowl of soup," she voiced.

Happy that his mum was awake, Atlas’ grandad giggled and said: “We can do that.”

“Would that be alright? You tell her”, great granny Ruth asked her son to make sure his wife cooked up some soup.

Atlas then wrote on a small white board the question, “What is your favourite soup?” so the great granny could understand as she does not have brilliant hearing.

But great gran Ruth couldn’t answer – as she likes all soup.

“I don’t have any favourites, I like them all.

“I like them all… homemade ones! Homemade. I like them all”, she insisted as she shook her head.

The great gran even shared that she would love to be given soup as a snack, she said: “She can give me a bowl on soup! Put in the microwave… bowl of soup.”

Her son chuckled as he asked is Ruth was looking for “free meals.”

According to Atlas, she had never known great granny Ruth was so “obsessed” with soup.

Three hours later and the soup discussion had not gone anywhere.

“Freeze it and I’ll have it ready. I like that it’s good as a meal because you have all your vegetables,” great gran Ruth expressed.

But apparently, soup was not on the top of her list as soon as she woke up.

Atlas shared that she originally asked for a cup of tea in true British fashion!

And, this was not the first time Ruth awakened from what was thought to be her last moments.

“Her doctors are so shook because this is at least the 6th time she was supposed to pass but this woman keeps bouncing back”, Atlas explained.


Touched by the endearing moment, many people fled to the comments to share their love for great gran Ruth.

One person commented: “She is amazing! I'll think of her every time I eat soup now.”

Another user added: “That was a hint to you to make some homemade soup.”

While a third voiced: “She’s so amazing! And seriously, soup is the best! The thought of good soup would totally bring me back!”

Someone else giggled: “Never seen a better advertisement for soup!!”


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