Dream woman who gave guy riddle phone number in bar finally comes forward

A woman who gave a guy a 'riddle' phone number in a bar has finally come forward.

The lady, named Jackie, made headlines this week as it was revealed she had given a man her phone number after he asked for a date – but starred out some of the digits.

She told him to track her down, saying she was "worth it".

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However, the man's cousin took to Twitter to reveal he was struggling to track down his "dream girl" and "soulmate".

He wrote earlier this week: "My 22 year old cousin met his dream girl at a bar and it's going pretty well."

The man, known as @HenpeckedHal on Twitter, shared a text exchange between him and his cousin.

His cousin wrote: "I met my soulmate last night," as he replied: "My man! Did you get her number?"

"Most of it," replied his cousin, as he asked: "How did you get most of it?"

He was then sent the piece of paper which read: 'Call me! 512 -3*1 – 2*04 Jackie. Trust me, I'm worth it."

After asking his cousin what he was going to do, the guy sent another image of all the phone numbers he had already tried to find Jackie – however none of them proved fruitful.

Luckily for him, the mysterious Jackie has now finally stepped forward, according to Hal.

He shared a message exchange between himself and the lady himself as he wrote: "LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!"

In the screenshot, Jackie wrote: "So you likely won't see this, but I'm Jackie from the tweet!"

She added: "Tell your cousin that next time I see him I'm going to…" before the rest of the messages were blurred out with a red marker.

Obviously stunned that the mysterious 'soulmate' of his cousin had reached out, Hal replied: "HOLY S**T!!!!"

"I just talked to him," Hal added, "WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER????"

Telling her his cousin's progress with the list, Hal replied: "He [the cousin] said he's halfway through the list, which means he's actually like 10 percent of the way through it."

Taking control, Jackie joked: "He may not be as clever as he thinks.

"Give me HIS number, I'm taking over this operation."

The tweet has gone seriously viral – gaining a staggering 10.1 million views and thousands of responses.

One Twitter user wrote: "Honestly, the best story I’ve read in awhile. Wish these kids luck. Keep us posted!!"

"Freaking awesomeness," another added, "And it all started because of a napkin and pen."

Despite this, some were sceptical, saying they thought the situation was "fake" and "made up".

Other even criticised Jackie, saying her actions were a 'red flag' and calling her 'cold'.

However, Hal stuck up for Jackie as he gave more background detail to the story: "For the people saying she's arrogant, high maintenance or whatever: these kids talked for an hour about a shared interest in true crime, mysteries, etc.

"My cousin bragged that he always solves the case before the show ends (editor's note: not this time). I think she's awesome."

We can't wait to see what happens next between the pair.


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