Dietitian reveals what to buy when you're cooking for one

Do you live alone? Dietitian reveals EXACTLY what to buy if you’re cooking for one – and the healthiest options to choose

  • A dietitian revealed the healthy staples to add to your trolley if you’re single
  • Susie Burrell, from Sydney, said it’s possible to be both thrifty and healthy
  • Susie said you should invest in wraps, crackers and long-life milk
  • You need to be careful with your proteins: salmon, tuna and mince are all good 

An Australian dietitian has revealed the healthy staples she recommends you add to your supermarket trolley if you’re single, and how to nutritiously cook for one without wasting money.

Susie Burrell, from Sydney, said while budgeting can be tricky when you’re single, it is possible to keep your total grocery spend reasonable and still enjoy good quality meals.

‘This is one for the singles this week,’ Susie posted on Instagram. 

‘As a starting point, I would start with just two to three proteins each week, which can be used for a couple of meals, a few key staples like frozen veg, beans and tinned tomatoes, and a handful of portion-controlled snacks.’

So what should you include in your trolley? 

An Australian dietitian has revealed the healthy staples she recommends you add to your supermarket trolley if you’re single, and how to nutritiously cook for one (her trolley pictured)


If you are single and find you never get through a loaf of bread in a week without having to freeze it, Susie recommends investing in wraps and crackers.

‘Wraps and some good quality crackers will cover your lunches and snacks for the week,’ Susie explained.

You could make a breakfast or lunch wrap with eggs, feta, spinach and tomatoes, while crackers work well for snacks with hummus and other dips.


When it comes to where you spend money on protein in your supermarket shop, Susie said you have to be careful you don’t go too overboard as otherwise you can easily end up with too many chicken breasts.

‘I recommend buying salmon, chicken strips or lean mince and a steak or lean sausages,’ Susie said.

‘Tinned salmon or tuna for lunches and a carton of eggs will get you through an entire week for $40 or less.’ 


One of the most cost-effective and nutritious options for a single person in their grocery shop is frozen meals.

‘They are especially good if your goal is to drop a few kilos,’ Susie said.

Some of the dietitian’s favourites include the meals from Lean Cuisine and the Super Nature Wellness Bowls.


With snacks, there are a few things Susie said you should put in your trolley if you eat alone.

‘Cheese and crackers, nut bars and a large high protein yoghurt is all you need,’ Susie said.

She likes Grain Thins, Evia Greek Yoghurt and Munchables cheese for a treat.

Susie said crackers and cheese can be a great choice for snacks, and she recommends adding these to your lunchbox to boost the protein (pictured)


The pantry staples to get you through the week include passata, tinned beans, tomatoes and corn chips.

Susie also buys long-life milk to prevent it from turning, and frozen fruit and vegetables – which are just as nutritious while also providing bang for your buck.


Finally, a few treats is always a good idea.

The dietitian likes lower sugar ice creams and chocolate licorice balls by Darrell Lea.

Thousands who saw Susie’s post were impressed and said this post in particular was very handy for their lifestyle.

‘Thank you so much for this, it has been quite a struggle changing my shopping habits since my husband passed away,’ one woman wrote.

Another added: ‘This is so helpful for me, thank you’. 

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