Daily horoscope for September 6: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope starts with the Moon moving into Taurus at 8.45am BST. YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott believes this aspect is perfect for the end of a pleasant weekend.

He said: “Taurus is the sign of the Bull and is in Earth.

“Taurus is super-practical, controlling, it does not like change and likes to make nice things to do.

“The sign likes to create abundance, wealth and beautiful environments.”

Astrologers all agree Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

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This emphasises its effect on Sunday, as Taurus has a special affinity with these positive traits.

And in a serendipitous step, love planet Venus moves into Taurus on Sunday.

Mr Scott said: “So the Moon is Taurus and the planet of love and beauty is in the sign of love and beauty.

“So we are really getting a lot of pink cherry blossom-romantic vibes during the day.

“Also note how romantic Venus is also in Earthy and practical Taurus.

“This means you are in control, so pull that special someone towards you and kiss them.”

Today’s Taurus Moon also crates a Conjunction with planet Uranus.

A Conjunction is when two different planets link up in the same sign.

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This hyper-focused aspect, occurring when two planets are zero degrees apart, blends the qualities of the planets involved, making their combined energy extra intense.

Mr Scott believes this adds an extra reason to be positive this Sunday.

He said: This is really good as anything can happen – the world is your oyster.

“This is exciting – I just love days like this.”

On top of this, the Taurus Moon also Squares Venus.

A Square is an aspect able to reveal the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life reflecting the planets involved.

At the same time, it also Quincunxes the love planet as Mercury is now in Libra.

The astrologer said: “So Sunday is one of the best days of the year for new love and romance.”

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