Daily horoscope for October 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The horoscope for today may give you mixed emotions. You might feel stuck in your ways and feel restricted this morning, but when the cloud lifts you’ll feel very sociable and romantic. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for October 29.

The Moon is in Leo all day, which normally means we’re all feeling super generous and confident.

However, the Moon is forming a challenging aspect with Uranus this morning.

Cafe Astrology said: “The Leo Moon clashes with Uranus, suggesting some stubborn sticking to our methods.

“With this aspect, limitations are harder to take than usual.”

On the other hand, the Moon’s harmony with Mercury this evening encourages “lively, open, and honest conversations”.

The Scorpio Sun is squaring Saturn tomorrow morning, but we’ll start to feel the impacts today.

Cafe Astrology’s mystics predicted: “While the Leo Moon is determined and demonstrative, Leo’s ruler, the Sun, is heading toward a square to Saturn, exact tomorrow morning, restraining us somewhat.

“Our commitment to others can temporarily interfere with personal comfort levels or relationships.

“We face obstacles, but this puts us in the position to recognize our ability to overcome them.

“It can be a time to face reality or the practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility.”

Since Tuesday, Venus has been sextile Jupiter and this will last until Saturday.

According to Astrology King, this is really positive and will light up Halloween weekend with fun and romance.

The site reads: “Venus sextile Jupiter is an excellent weekly horoscope for partying and making love.

“You should feel warm and happy inside and will want to share the good feelings.

“This transit is an indicator of good luck and you may receive gifts, money or compliments.

“You will also be in a generous mood and not greedy at all.”

The Venus-Jupiter transit will help you to loosen up and encourage pleasant interactions with everyone.

Cafe Astrology said: “It’s a soft, pleasant influence that promotes cooperation, acceptance, inclusiveness, and optimism, particularly in our relationships.

“We are freer and more generous with our affection, time, and money.”

With Venus sextile Jupiter, you’ll be a pro at entertaining and socialising.

Cafe Astrology’s astrologers said: “This is one of the most favoured transits for entertaining and socializing.

“We’re bringing optimistic spiritual energy to our lives, and we seek a higher purpose or meaning through our connections and values.

“Romantic opportunities can emerge, or there can be lucky finds, pleasing purchases, and a hopeful financial outlook or prospects.”

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