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Life is on the serious side today, as Saturn forms a half-square with the Sun, meaning you’ll be feeling as though you’ve got the whole world on your shoulders. There are people in your inner circle who need your love and support, but don’t neglect your own needs by always putting others first.

Today the Sun is moving into a half-square with Saturn, which can cast a shadow of seriousness over the day.

Gigantic Saturn embodies our need to protect, control and nurture those around us.

Far from our creative highs earlier this week, everything is feeling measured and serious at the moment.

We’ll be looking around at our nearest and dearest feeling a sense of renewed responsibility in our duties towards them.

Whether you’re a parent, spouse, partner or friend, today you’re going to feel pressure to show up and support those around you.

Make sure you reach out to your circle of friends, you’ll feel reassured once you’ve spoken with those you feel distant from, and you’ll touch them by checking in.

Don’t forget you can’t pour from an empty cup.

As our responsibilities to others increases, we need to make a more concentrated effort to look after ourselves too.

Later in the day, the Moon is in opposition to Mars, which can affect our empathy levels.

This means your powerful instinct to care and protect could be met with resistance from others who interpret your actions as overbearing or patronising.

Try to stay calm, blowing up at anyone isn’t going to help the situation.

Don’t double-down on your perspective, instead stay open-minded, try to discover why this person is so resistant to your advice.

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After all, offering emotional support is part of your nurturing energy today, sometimes you just need to change tactics to get through to people.

It may well be their own sense of fear and insecurity, but under stress it comes across as petulance.

In amongst all this heaviness and seriousness, you’ve got to look for the lighter side.

Life is always full of uncertainties, and there’s only so much you can do about it.

Don’t get too beaten down by circumstances, look for a way to enjoy yourself and let off steam.

Do something for the fun of it; whether it’s a dance around the living room, a good laugh with a mate or playing a game.

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