Cleveland Browns Star Baker Mayfield’s Mom Cries While Hearing His Emotional Mother’s Day Letter

Ever since the exit of one NBA star last summer, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has emerged as the next star who has the real potential to bring the city its next championship. And while the 24-year-old from Texas is an intimidating force when facing down opponents, it all melts away when it comes to his mother.

For this Mother’s Day, Mayfield penned a heartwarming letter to his mom, Gina, and read it out loud in a video for ESPN.

“Words do not begin to describe how thankful I am to call you my mother,” Mayfield said in his letter. “There’s no handbook on parenting, but if there was, you would be the author.”

He continued, “The way you showed unconditional love through every up and down and a few self-inflicted mistakes along the way.”

“You have never stopped believing in me,” Mayfield continued, “always pushing me to do more and then always having the big picture mindset to push through adversity.”

As Mayfield read his emotional message, unbeknownst to him, Gina was in the room next door, tearing up as he expressed his gratitude for her strength during all they have been through — including a car accident they experienced while on the way to visit a college in Oklahoma in 2014.

“There’s a lot more that I could say on this letter, but I love you, and I’m thankful for you,” Mayfield said.

“Absolutely everything was not going our way, between the car wreck, the rental car and the awful weather,” Mayfield continues. “Looking back on it, you never flinched. You were going to make sure your son was going to get to where he wanted to go to school.”

“That’s the type of love I’m so thankful for,” he added. “That’s the type of love that makes you so unique and special.”

Gina then comes out of the room to surprise her son, who gives her a big embrace.

“It’s nice that she can hear it not just on paper, but hear it come out of my mouth,” Mayfield said after finding out she was able to listen in on every word of his letter. “There’s a lot more than I can say in this letter, but I love you and I’m thankful for you.”

“It’s very special to hear him say some of these things,” Gina replied. “[and] I’m very thankful for you.”


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