Cleaner accidentally breaks into wrong home and leaves it spotless

A cleaner was left red-faced when he finished a job only to find he had visited the wrong address.

Louis Angelino III, from Barrington in New Jersey, US, shared the hilarious encounter on TikTok and was dubbed the "cleaning fairy" by his new client.

The 27-year-old explained he cleans his friend's house as a side job to earn some extra cash. He does such a good job, in fact, that his pal referred a co-worker to him.

He said in the viral video: "I say 'oh that's sweet', I go there today and he says the key is under the mat.

"Alright, simple enough, get the key, go into the apartment. Cleaned the entire apartment, or house whatever you call."

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Louis later received a call from his new client asking where he had been.

He recalled saying: "'Um, I'm in your living room waiting for you to walk in. I'm playing with your cat.'

"He goes 'ah man, I don't have a cat'. So turns out I cleaned the wrong apartment and broke in and cleaned somebody's random apartment."

Louis' friend later left a note at the stranger's house asking them to reach out for clarification.

According to, Louis got a text from homeowner Beth Motzel and he apologised for the mix-up.

Luckily Beth responded: "We felt bad as we are renovating and it was in bad shape.

"My husband said you did a great job! We will keep your info if we need a cleaner in the future. What is your normal fee?"

Louis told her his rates and added: "I fed your cats, they were so sweet. I would love to clean again! I'm the cleaning fairy now!"

He later explained to his viewers that he was okay with not getting paid for the cleaning because he could have been sued for breaking into the house.

"The fact that they were so cool with it was the reward in itself…" Louis said. "I was able to laugh it off and not have to worry about it, and it be a cool story to tell."

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