ClassPass names 2021's top fitness and beauty trends ahead of new year

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People have been taking care of their fitness and beauty needs this year with ClassPass, and the health club aggregator believes that trend will continue into 2022.

“Since January 2021, fitness reservations have grown by 329 percent and spa and beauty reservations are up by 428 percent,” the company wrote in a recent trend report. “ClassPass members are now booking at 10 percent higher than pre-pandemic times.”

ClassPass analyzed its internal fitness and beauty bookings and accounted for the classes that’ll be available next year to determine the “emerging themes as we return to studios, salons, spas and offices.”

Here’s a look at which classes and treatments topped ClassPass bookings in 2021 and what the wellness company predicts for 2022.

ClassPass users opted for fitness classes that burned serious calories. Strength training, yoga, cycling, Pilates and barre were the most popular on the booking app. Fitness junkies have also turned to boxing, general gym time, running, livestream yoga and dance.

“For the first time ever, dance class broke the top 10 most popular fitness classes booked,” ClassPass noted.

The 14 dance classes that dominated the app were cardio dance, pole dance, hip hop, Zumba, ballet, Latin, salsa, jazz, contemporary, modern, Bollywood, ballroom, swing and tap.

ClassPass’ top workouts of 2021

    1. Strength training
    2. Yoga
    3. Cycling
    4. Pilates
    5. Barre
    6. Boxing
    7. Gym time
    8. Running
    9. Livestream Yoga
    10. Dance

Beyond fitness classes, ClassPass predicts that in-person bookings will continue to grow in 2022 with hybrid- and commuter-friendly workouts. The company also believes it will see ClassPass users make bookings based on their mood, which could range from wanting high intensity to calming workouts.

Last but not least, ClassPass believes people will return to fitness classes with friends as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People are 45 percent more likely to continue with a new workout routine if they take a class with a friend during their first month on ClassPass,” the company wrote. “ClassPassers who work out with friends are 63 percent more likely to keep a routine for 12 months or longer.”

People have been taking care of their fitness and beauty needs this year with ClassPass, and the health club aggregator believes that trend will continue into 2022.

In the beauty world, the top five salon and spa treatments were nail care, massage, facials, sauna and haircuts. Other top bookings for ClassPass users were cryotherapy, sports recovery, meditation, hair removal and brow shaping.

ClassPass’ top salon and spa appointments of 2021

    1. Nail care
    2. Massage
    3. Facials
    4. Sauna
    5. Haircuts
    6. Cryotherapy
    7. Sports Recovery
    8. Meditation
    9. Hair Removal
    10. Brow Shaping

For sports recovery, in particular, ClassPass noted that this salon booking includes services like recovery boots, light therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

Outside the top 10, ClassPass reported that salt caves, sound therapy, hyperbaric chambers and antigravity treadmills were popular salon and spa treatments this year.

ClassPassers were most interested in strength training and nail care in 2021, according to internal trend data on ClassPass.

“While spa and salon appointments became more popular with ClassPass users in 2021, appointment usage surged in the last 90 days,” ClassPass wrote. “[Thirty-five] percent of ClassPassers have booked a beauty or spa appointment in the fall months, which could be a result of holiday season prep and getting together with friends and family again.”

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