Catfish cousins stunning glow up transformation shaves 30 years off look

Two cousins were called "professional catfishes" when they showed off their makeup skills and transformed themselves from looking like 50-year-olds to 20.

Rosalinda Dershmuk and Ray Dazzy left their fans stunned in their now-viral video, which has amassed nearly five million views since they posted it on Sunday.

In the clip, they embrace the "older" look with deep wrinkles on their face, dark circles under their eyes and white hair.

Then in a quick transition, both Rosalinda and Ray change their entire appearance, from hairdo to makeup.

They put on coloured contact lenses and contoured their cheekbones to highlight their facial features, as well as concealing the enlarged pores.

Some viewers jokingly called the pair "shape shifters" thanks to their amazing makeup skills, others commented to ask for a tutorial clip.

"How? I barely change with makeup and they become a completely different person?" one wondered.

A second wrote: "We need a tutorial ladies because this is absolutely beautiful! The power of makeup."

A third added: "She went from 50 to 20 in seconds."

Ray responded to one fan and shared her simple skincare routine: "I use vitamin C or olive oil since I have dry skin."

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Rosalinda was dubbed "queen of transformations" in her previous videos when she flaunted her makeup looks, leaving fans surprised and said: "You just look like Rihanna!"

But fans were convinced that the older looking pictures could also be done by makeup.

"Can't you all see they enhanced the shadows and lines to make it 'worse' in before-looking so the contrast is big?" one asked.

Meanwhile, a mum-of-four confessed she's a "proud catfish" for having dentures and breast implants.

Alicia believed she had a genetic disposition to "extreme calcium loss" which is why her teeth fell out and left her with a dramatic change in face shape.

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