Brits are split over how to settle restaurant bills

BRITS are rushing to book tables as pubs and restaurants reopen, but the nation is split over how to settle the bill with friends and family.

A study of 2,000 diners done by Compare the Market has revealed 34% think you should split the bill straight down the middle – including the tip.

But 36% it should be split precisely based on who has had what to eat and drink.

Nearly half (43%) are left feeling awkward when it comes to approaching how to pay when they eat out.

But eight in 10 wouldn’t let such experiences put them off heading back to restaurants as they continue to reopen.

It comes as pubs and restaurants were given the green light on April 12 to reopen after staying shut for months due to Covid rules.

The long-awaited reopening of hospitality businesses has meant hungry diners could wait weeks to book a table.

Pubs and restaurants have reported they are rammed with bookings, with no free tables for months.

How to save money dining out

EATING out is expensive – but there are ways to cut the cost of your bill.

We round up some tips below to help you save:

Vouchers and codes: Always check discount code sites and apps for any deals, such as two-for-one offers. Restaurants often use these to entice customers who would not normally be able to afford them.

BYOB: To save on pricey booze, choose one of the many restaurants that allow you to bring your own drinks.

Timing: Stay away from peak eating times at weekends. Many restaurants have days when kids eat for free so look out for those, as well as times before the evening rush when prices are lower. 

Make your own: It may not be as fun, but making your own version of your favourite meal at a chain will save you money. We've put together recipes for making your own McDonald's, Greggs and KFC.

But for those eating out, meals could take a sour turn at the end when settling up.

Over half (52%) of Brits claim they've been embarrassed by those who they've been dining out with while sorting the bill.

Over 13% have fallen out with someone over paying up, while 20% have paid in full on behalf of others to dodge the awkwardness entirely.

But it hasn't put off punters, as 52% are looking to book in a meal out following lockdown restrictions easing.

Compare the Market head of rewards Julie Daniels said: “Splitting the bill often divides opinion, as our research shows.

"But one thing is for sure, people are looking forward to dining out again and plan to make up for lost time.

"As restaurants continue to reopen their doors, we have expanded our Meerkat Meals reward to give our customers even more choice and to make splitting the bill a little easier.”

Restaurant bosses are putting in place "pay before you eat" policies to tackle no shows as lockdown restrictions ease.

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