Body Language Expert Was Surprised Queen Elizabeth Did This During Prince Philip’s Funeral

While Prince Philip’s funeral may not have been a two-hankies-plus-a-pallet-of-Kleenex affair as was the funeral of Princess Diana, it was still a very sad occasion. The Duke of Edinburgh did have a good run of things for nearly a century, even if he didn’t quite make it to his 100th birthday. The true tragedy, though, lies with the ones he left behind –- most painfully, his wife of over 70 years who cannot mourn her lifelong love away from the public. Not for a second can she lay down the metaphorical scepter and just be the bereaved widow she now is, but how stiff can a 94-year-old upper lip possibly be? Even a queen is human, and as we watch her at the funeral, she just seems so alone and vulnerable, that it’s breaking all our hearts. Perfectly dignified, perfectly regal, and yet somehow all the more heart-wrenching for that.

Body language expert Jason Lee, a former professional poker player who now works as a relationship science and data analyst with Healthy Framework, noticed one moment during the funeral where the Queen did something unexpected. He spoke with The List afterward, giving his interpretation of what he saw and what he thinks it means.

Queen Elizabeth went off-script for a moment

Lee describes the royal funeral as “a scripted and meticulous process,” which, indeed, it was. The Daily Mail broke down all of the careful planning that went into it ahead of time, with the Lord Chamberlain’s office planning each and every step of the funeral procession, including who would walk/stand/sit where based on “bloodlines and age.” Lee, however, well-trained in spotting anomalies by all that time spent playing poker, tells us “it’s always interesting to look for anyone deviating from that plan.” What intrigued him, amidst all the funeral pageantry, was that moment when he saw HRH “ma[k]e an unscheduled stop to turn and take everything in when she was entering the chapel.”

What could she have been thinking, or seeing, as she looked around her? While the ceremony was a small one due to COVID-19 protocols, nevertheless it was one that may (we hope) have helped convey just how much her husband was loved and will be missed by millions who never even met him. Perhaps, instead, she was just looking for some support closer at hand from her children and grandchildren who’ve put aside their differences to rally round her at this time. Whatever was going through the Queen’s mind at the time, Lee says that her one off-script moment “shows that while pageantry, pomp, and circumstance are important, it never trumps raw emotion and family.”

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