Bloke makes savoury 99 ice cream cone with mash, gravy, peas and sausage flake

A bloke has disgusted Brits with his bizarre foodie creation – and many are saying the dish is a “crime against nature”.

His weird take on a 99 cone had people shuddering!

After all, the classic British ice cream van treat is usually made with tasty soft serve ice cream, syrup or juice and a chocolate flake.


Unfortunately, the social media user decided to grab an ice cream cone and fill it with a scoop of mashed potato topped with gravy, peas and a meaty flake.

Posting on Reddit, he captioned a snap of the meal: “Made a cracking savoury 99 last night.”

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He went on to add: “For clarity, the sauce is lamb gravy also the ‘kebab’ is actually a lidl Cumberland sausage.

“Kids love it, recommend adding sweetcorn as well as peas, for exotic hundreds & thousands.”

However, despite racking up almost 200 likes and plenty of comments not everyone was keen on the idea of the savoury cone.

One person wrote: “Well, that's upsetting…”

While another added: “Each day we stray further from God.”

A third called the dish an “abomination” while another said it was a “crime”.

"I hate this and I hate you," sobbed another.

But, surprisingly, not everyone was against the savoury cone.

One fan said: “Love this. My little girl will be having one for tea!”

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” added a second.

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While a jokester commented: “Fill the cone with cheese…”

Another added that the sausage should be known as a “Northern flake”.”

And, one person possibly fixed the issue with his suggestion, and noted: “I’d have swapped the cone for a mini Yorkshire pudding.

“I’ve seen some puds that are deep enough that they're almost like a cup.”

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