Bernie Taupin: ‘Rocketman’ is my platonic love story with Elton John

Bernie Taupin is finally getting his close-up as Elton John’s longtime songwriting partner in the hit movie musical “Rocketman.”

The 69-year-old lyricist, who is played by British actor Jamie Bell (“Fantastic Four”) in the film, knows that his fame has rocketed substantially because of all the new social media followers he’s been racking up.

“I got 10,000 more [followers] on my Instagram in a week after the movie came out [in the UK on May 22],” says Taupin, who is now up to over 29,000 followers after the film’s US release on May 31.

“So yeah, it’s definitely gonna up my profile a little, and I’m not too sure if I’m ready for that.”

Taupin says that, in many ways, “Rocketman” is a platonic love story between him and John.

“It’s absolutely that. Yes, sir,” says Taupin, who wrote the lyrics to all of John’s golden-era gems, such as “Your Song,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and, of course, “Rocket Man.”

“They do a very, very good job of chronicling how our relationship has remained intact over the years.

“I’d like to think that I’ve always been an anchor for him…Believe me, I haven’t been any saint myself over the years, but in comparison with his excesses, I suppose I’ve been fairly calm,” he adds with a laugh.

But Taupin would likely to clarify the movie’s assertion that he and John have never had an argument in the 52 years that they’ve known each other: “Well, it depends on how you define ‘argument.’ ”

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