‘Bachelorette’ season 15 begins with serial dater being outed by ‘Hannah’s Angels’

“The Bachelorette’s” 15th season kicked off Monday with Hannah Brown arriving in Los Angeles looking to rebound after being let go by Colton Underwood — and then almost falling prey to a serial dater.

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The 24-year-old Tuscaloosa, Alabama, native and former Miss Alabama is returning with a newfound confidence and says she’s ready to find a man who will spend forever with her and “love me for all of me.”

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One by one, the men arrived at the mansion hoping to make a memorable first impression, but little did they know that, in a “Bachelorette” first, “Hannah’s Angels” — Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, also from last season’s “The Bachelor” — were watching the men from a surveillance van parked by the mansion.

Here are some of the more memorable suitors:

In a callback to Colton’s infamous fence-jump, Dallas investment analyst Connor S. hopped the fence to get into the mansion to meet Hannah.

In another reference to Colton, Devin, a talent manager from Sheman Oaks, California, told Hannah he’s a virgin, then said he’s kidding.

Joe, a.k.a. “The Box King,” arrived in — you guessed it — a huge box, delivered to the mansion by a forklift. Afterward, he quipped, “You check all of my boxes.”

“Roller Boy” Ryan, from Philadelphia, arrived on a pair of roller skates.

Luke P., a 24-year-old import/export manager from Jacksonville, Florida, arrived in “beast mode,” greeting Hannah with a roar before declaring he was “king of the jungle” looking to change her title from “Hannah the Beast” to “My queen.”

Cam, a 30-year-old software salesman from Austin, introduced himself via a freestyle rap that boasted, “Got a soul worth savin’ / I’m tryin’ to win the game like my name’s Nick Saban.” Saban coaches the University of Alabama football team. Cam, if you remember, received the first rose from Hannah during a preview of “The Bachelorette” that aired during “The Bachelor” finale last season.

“Old” Matt Donald, a 26-year-old medical device salesman from Los Gatos, California, arrived on a tractor and serenaded Hannah with a version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Once inside, Luke was the first one to get some alone time with Hannah, revealing to her he had recently become an uncle and that watching his brother and sister-in-law have their first child gave him the itch to settle down and have a family of his own.

During his introduction, Connor J., a sales manager from Newport Beach, California, promised a surprise awaiting Hannah later on. It turned out being a bachelorette party that included games like “Junk-in-the-Trunk.”

Cam, who actually met Hannah for the first time during last season’s “Bachelor” finale, stole the first kiss from her, noting that while he doesn’t kiss on the first date, this was technically their second.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.

In a recent interview with ABC News, host Chris Harrison promised this season would be loaded with drama, and the season premiere delivered. After her one-on-one conversations with each of the guys, Harrison brought out the first impression rose.

Before Cam came to a decision, though, Harrison called her to another room, where Demi and Katie, who had been keeping tabs on the guys, found some dirt on software salesman Scott through social media: he was a serial dater who had a girlfriend back home in Chicago. After an awkward conversation during which Scott essentially fessed up to the relationship, Hannah immediately showed him the door.

After explaining the situation to the remaining men, Hannah went outside to collect her thoughts. That left the guys to debate whether or not to seize the opportunity to get some more alone time with her or give her some space.

Luke once gain sprang into action, joining Hannah to assure her he was “not here to earn a couple of roses,” but rather “to win her heart.”

Luke’s instincts were right: he was the recipient of the first impression rose, and a long kiss from Hannah.

That brought us to the first rose ceremony, during which the following men were sent home: Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan, Scott and Thomas.

“The Bachelorette” returns Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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