Baby Mochis Birthday: BTS Star Jimin Celebrates His Birthday By Making A Gigantic Donation

The KPop band’s beloved Jimin celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and shared his happiness with the needy too. He has donated more than $83,500 to a South Korean children’s foundation, Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, to mark his 26th birthday.

The Korean idol Jimin is known for his philanthropic efforts, evidenced by his hefty donation last month, which amounted to $84,000 million to aid polio patients and contribute to creating vaccines against the disease to eradicate it from the world. According to, Jimin donated the sum to an organization near his hometown Busan in South Korea, named Gosung Rotary Club. The news regarding the massive donation by the singer was made public in a statement released by the foundation. While the statement did not mention the amount donated by the K-pop singer, Korean media reported that it is estimated around $83,500.On the momentous occasion, the World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also thanked the singer on Twitter.

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Upon making this huge donation on his birthday, Jimin could net a spot in the exclusive Green Noblesse club which is available only to those who have donated more than $83,500 in the past five years. The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation is an NGO located in South Korea that addresses humanitarian, agricultural, medical, and emergency aids issues. After his sizable donation, Jimin has joined his fellow BTS member J-Hope as a member of the Green Noblesse exclusive club. Some notable members of this club include BJ Yangpang, Chung Ha, and the YouTuber Heopop.

As Republic World reports, J-Hope had donated $84k back in 2020, which brought his overall donation to the charity to an estimate of $378k. The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman, Lee Je-hoon, spoke after the philanthropic venture, thanking J-Hope for his generosity.

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Jimin had engaged in charity throughout 2016-2018, wherein the Korean singer had covered the uniform expenses for the students of his previous elementary school Busan Hodong. He has donated a substantial amount of money on several occasions to fund collections and educational institutions in his home city, Busan. The act of donating a hefty sum on his birthday made the contribution especially memorable. On his birthday, the idol was reportedly given several presents, including a customized helicopter birthday banner. Along with Jimin, the other BTS members have also made several donations to humanitarian causes. South Korean President Moon Jae-in had appointed BTS as ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Culture’ for their contribution to the arts and humanitarian causes.

On the work front, The Bangtan boys are all set for their upcoming concert in Los Angeles, titled ‘Permission to Dance on Stage,’ and will be held at California’s SoFi Stadium on select dates in the next couple of months.

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