Babestation model poses beside smaller Babe to show off gigantic 6ft 5in height

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    A Babestation presenter once severely bullied for her height is now embracing it after posing with a colleague who doesn’t even reach her shoulders.

    The body positive model, known as Amazonian Charlie, is 6ft 5ins tall but is almost 7ft in heels.

    Charlie Mill used to be self conscious about her appearance but now earns fortunes for it after ditching her hospitality career.

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    And she shared photos with the Daily Star standing alongside former dental nurse Lucia Maria who is 5ft 1 and became a racy performer after being sacked over Page 3 pictures.

    Charlie, 27, told us: “It was very amusing! It is difficult to actually find somewhere that will accommodate my height and find somewhere we can make everything work.

    “It was a lot of fun because she is a lot smaller than me and it is a running joke within Babestation that I pick everyone up.

    “They are amusing pictures and they definitely show off the difference in height because if we were sat down you might not necessarily be able to see it.

    “It’s really nice to just celebrate it nowadays because I did have a hard time growing up and it did take a lot of getting used to because of the fact it was clearly something I had always hidden.

    “But now it is something that is celebrated naturally and it makes me different to everyone else and that is a really nice feeling to have.”

    Charlie, who lives in Teesside, joined the adult TV company after a close friend who works there recommended it.

    The gorgeous model is reaping the rewards and now pockets up to £60,000 a month from saucy modelling.

    And asked whether she was grateful to have left her traditional 9-5 job behind, she was quick to respond.

    “I am extremely happy,” she said. “I wish I had done it sooner because the financial freedom that has occurred from doing it and the confidence is something you wouldn’t necessarily understand unless you had that financial freedom.

    “I know there is a lot of judgement around the profession and I believe that judgement comes from people who are uneducated in that area.

    “So unless you actually understand what somebody does in that profession it is very difficult to comment or make an assumption.

    “It wasn’t even a difficult decision to join Babestation really. I have always been a very open minded person and I certainly don’t judge people by their jobs.”

    Despite going from being bullied for her height to being a popular internet sensation, Charlie still endures the same old remarks.

    She is often approached by strangers in public and has also been targeted on nights out.

    Charlie said: “I get a substantial amount of comments which I do find a little odd because if someone was really short you wouldn’t go up to them and say ‘oh my god you are so short’ but people cross the road to come and tell me that I am tall.

    “I am used to it now but it is a very strange thing to get accustomed to and I hear it all the time, things like ‘what is the air like up there, is it different, I bet you are the first to know it rains, I bet you can see at concerts’… all those same jokes.

    “The best one is ‘oh my god you are so tall’ and I’ve just come up with a witty reply to say ‘oh my god I never knew’.”

    And as for male attention, she added: “I get a bit of everything really.

    “I have men who think it is absolutely amazing and the best thing since sliced bread and then I have those who find it intimidating to their male ego and they cannot possibly understand that a female is taller than them.

    “It makes them feel insecure and those particular men turn a bit nasty which I’ve had in the past and isn’t a pleasant thing to deal with.”


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