An Airbnb that sits on a cliff has become available for $103 a night

Talk about living on the edge! Unique home that sits atop a CLIFF and offers stunning ocean views goes up for rent on Airbnb for just $103 a night (but you’ll have to go without WiFi or TV)

  • An Airbnb sitting on the edge of a cliff has become available on the Pacific coastline of Chile
  • The retreat built in 2018 is located in the Lagunillas area of Valparaíso and offers stunning sea views
  • Architects Felipe Croxatto Viviani and Nicolás Opazo Marchetti included large windows to create the ‘illusion of floating on the sea’
  • The wooden structure was built with recycled oak and pine boards to provide protection against strong winds
  • Inside, the cabin is comprised of two floors: a kitchen, lounge area, and a luxury bathroom make up the ground floor
  • The second floor can be reached by a wooden ladder and includes a cozy large bed perfect for two 
  • Airbnb has listed the retreat for as little as $103 a night depending on the dates  

Any daredevils or thrill-seekers who are on the hunt for their next vacation destination need look no further than a new Airbnb in Chile, which is perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean – offering spectacular views and one heck of an adrenaline rush. 

The unique property, which was built in 2018, is located in the stunning Lagunillas area of Valparaíso, in the coastal village of Matanzas, and offers incredible sea views as well as total privacy and peace.

Designed by architecture firm Croxatto and Opazo Arquitectos, the home sits atop a steep cliff overlooking the local beaches – and features enormous windows that were designed to make residents feel as though they are ‘floating on the sea’. 

The cabin has no WiFi or TV, meaning that it provides residents with the perfect seascape from reality – and, what’s more, it is available to rent for just $103 a night, a bargain when compared to most oceanfront hotels.  

Airbnb has listed a cabin for $103 a night that sits on the edge of a cliff and offers stunning views of Chile’s Pacific coastline

The cabin was built in 2018 by architecture firm Croxatto and Opazo Arquitectos who built the retreat with large windows to create the ‘illusion of floating on the sea’

Built from recycled oak and pine boards the cabin provides shelter from strong gusts of wind

The building is sited approximately 80 meters above sea level and includes carefully framed large expanses of glass to reach the best seascape views – and if they’re lucky, guests may even get the chance to see sea lions from the cabin who frequent Chile’s Pacific coastline. 

‘We were looking for a way to both dominate the steep slope, and blend in with the surrounding nature,’ said the architects, who won the 2021 Wallpaper Design award for their creation of the tranquil cabin. 

Built from recycled oak that has been treated and dried for durability, the retreat includes reclaimed interior pine boards and solar-powered outdoor lighting to reduce energy consumption. 

Architects Felipe Croxatto Viviani and Nicolás Opazo Marchetti strategically positioned the cabin to the north to provide shelter against strong winds. 

The stilt house is only accessible by three stories of stairs, leading down the beach dunes. 

The interior of the cabin incorporates touches of pale wood to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to guests. 

Internally, the retreat is comprised of two floors that are connected by a ladder that leads to the second floor. 

Internally, the cabin is comprised with pale woods that create a welcoming and warm environment for guests to make themselves at home

The two story cabin is connected by a wooden ladder that leads to the second floor which is home to a bed perfect for two 

On the first floor there is a kitchen where guests can enjoy their meal with a view, a lounge area and a luxury bathroom

On the ground floor, guests can find a spacious, open kitchen allowing them to enjoy their meal while staring out at the waves. 

There is also a separate small chill-out area, as well as a luxury bathroom, which comes with all the usual amenities including a shower with a sea view.

Upstairs, you’ll find the bedroom with a large bed fit for two, which is reached by a wooden ladder and a fairly large balcony.

There is also a big decking area and the beach is but a jump, skip and a hop away.

The owner also advises that guests drive a cross-country vehicle, since the road isn’t in an amazing condition and when raining, this type of vehicle is required.

The retreat has received rave reviews on Airbnb, one guest said: ‘One of the best views I’ve ever had in my life.’

While another added that the cabin was ‘an absolute dream.’ 

The luxury Airbnb can be booked at $103 per night depending on dates.

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