American woman leaves people fuming after refusing to believe Wales is real

An American girl has left Welsh people fuming when her friend posted a video of her asking if Wales is real.

TikToker Becky and her American pal took on an accent challenge to find out how different they say things – with hilarious results.

Becky was left in stitches when her pal pronounced "herb" without the H sound and "aluminium" with less syllables.

When they moved onto their nationality, the friend raises her hand up and proudly says: "American!" Becky says: "Britain!"

But a third person, who is not seen in the video, tells Becky: "You're Welsh!"

She quickly hits back: "Wales is in Britain!"

While listening to the brief conversation front of the camera, her friend looks stunned and comments: "Wait Wales is real?

"You’re still playing that act? That Wales is real?"

The clip ends as Becky laughs her way out of frame.

But her friend's response left a lot of viewers unhappy and some said they felt offended.

One wrote: "As a Welsh person I am extremely triggered by the last remark and would like an apology video."

A second said: "'Wales is real? You're still playing that act?' Bruh, I'm leaving the internet. As a Welsh man, I can't."

But, amazingly, some viewers still refused to believe that Wales is real.

"I've literally been told Wales isn't real on the basis of the flag looking like something from Games of Thrones," a non-believer said.

Another added: "Wait now that she's mentioned it, I've never met or heard of anyone from Wales…"

Sometimes the difference between the UK and the US can be so huge that many Americans found it weird.

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