A Photographic Reminder That Mary-Kate Olsen Is a Competitive Horseback Rider

If you didn't know (or forgot) this, Mary-Kate Olsen — one-half of one of the most famous set of twins in the world (sorry, Rumi and Sir) — is also a competitive horseback rider.

Here she is in action:

On Thursday, she participated in the International Global Champions Tour circuit at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. According to E!, her twin sister Ashley and her husband Olivier Sarkozy were there to support her from the crowd as she jumped over a series of fences with her horse Fatum.

Apparently, horseback riding has long been a passion of hers. In an interview with HITS Rider, Mary-Kate said that she was six when she first fell in love with a pony named 4×4, and went on to compete on the equestrian team at Campbell Hall School.

"Having horseback riding as an outlet was super important because it allowed me to have another life and outlet outside of work and school," she said. 

According to Page Six, Mary-Kate was disqualified during her run with Fatum due to an “error of course” but placed sixth in her class with another horse, Naomi.

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Acting, clothing design, and equestrian competition? A true Renaissance woman.

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