9 Best couples Halloween costumes to buy in 2021

HALLOWEEN is creeping around the corner and costume planning for October 31 is upon us.

While dressing up in spooky outfits for one can be easy to think of, the best couples Halloween costumes will make a bigger impact—and gain extra brownie points from fellow fancy-dress buffs.

From Sandy and Danny to Bill and Ted, there's a whole host of iconic duos you can pull from popular culture and 'gore up' for the festivities.

A zombie bride and groom is the most popular go-to for couples, as well as The Joker and his accomplice Harley Quinn: but what else can a duo dress up as?

Little Red Riding Hood and the evil wolf are a fairytale double-act perfect for upping the scare factor, or why not go as a Day of the Dead duo for a relatively easy costume with impressive impact?

Here, we take a look at the best couples Halloween costumes for this year – whether you're celebrating indoors or going out as a group of six.

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