7 Most Expensive Face Masks For COVID-19 Protection In Luxury

The world of fashion changes quickly. In order to stay on top of trends and be one step ahead of the hottest things that are set to hit the runway, fashion designers have their finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving landscape of haute-couture. Nobody could have ever predicted this, but one of the biggest accessories to hit the market this year are face masks. The pandemic has certainly changed the very landscape of the world we live in, and the fashion world has not gone unscathed. Face masks are now part of our daily existence, and rather than having to hide behind them, those who can afford it can now flaunt the newest and greatest in face mask luxury. Never before having ventured into this territory, leading designers from across the globe have stepped up to the plate to turn this necessity into a fashion statement that the world won’t soon forget.

Insider reports on how the fashion world is not only embracing the face masks of today, but are revolutionizing their design, making them truly luxurious statement pieces that anyone would be proud to own.

7 Diamond Studded Mask, Yvel

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Now that we live in a masked world, face masks are a form of personal expression, and are accessorizing outfits in the same manner that sunglasses and handbags do.

Those with money to spare are likely to be interested in the luxuriously designed, diamond studded mask designed by fashion leader, Yvel. Far from being a disposable mask, this one is certainly one that you’ll want to hold on to, and cherish. It consists of 250 grams of 18k gold and according to Harper’s Bazaar, it also boasts “3,000 natural diamonds with a total weight of approximately 210 carats.” This face mask carries the full bling-effect while simultaneously offering customers with all the benefits of full N-99 protection.

This stunning luxury item can belong to anyone willing to shell out $1.5 million to look their best while staying protected.

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6 Black Crystal Mask, Christian Siriano

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High-end designer, Christian Siriano has created a variety of elaborate face mask designs, and has already taken them to the runway. There are options available to meet any budget, but of course, the Black Crystal Mask sparkles so brightly under the lights that it’s everyone’s favorite. It’s embellished with stones and flashes enough bling to make anyone feel glamorous.

This haute-couture mask is available by custom order only and retails for $595. On top of that, Siriano reminds shoppers that this is a designer mask, not a protective mask, so it slips on top of the filtered ones to add stylistic effects.

5 Diamond Face Mask, Jacob & Co

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Jacob & Co had a vision in mind when they created the Diamond Face Mask with 18K white gold. Setting out to design the highest end designer mask they could, special efforts were taken to make it truly sparkle. Harper’s Bazaar reports that it is “carefully studded with 3,040 brilliant white round-cut diamonds.

The price tag is as jaw-dropping as the sparkle it carries, and shoppers will need $250,000 to be able to walk away with one of these beauties. This, too, is for design effect only, and doesn’t boast any protective qualities.

4 Custom Fabrics, Collina Strada

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Collina Strada is a unique designer with innovative, cutting edge designs that span through her entire collection. Believing the world to be her runway, she designs with flare, and believes face masks should be as glamorous as the people that wear them. Her original designs are made of the finest fabrics and excess fabric is left on the sides. This means it can be wrapped and accentuated as a shawl, tied in a bow, or can dangle as a loose ribbon.

3 Pure Silk Mask, House Of Bijan

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If you have $490 to spare for a luxurious face mask, but bling isn’t your thing, Beverly-Hills based House Of Bijan has precisely what you need. They’ve put the focus on sleek elegance by designing a pure silk facemask, made in Italy. Only the finest silk is used, and as a result, very few have been made. This exclusive design is a limited one that only a lucky few can lay claims to.

2 The LV Shield, Louis Vuitton

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When it comes to high-fashion, Louis Vuitton is a brand we can always look to for innovative designs. They’ve ditched the face mask production and have opted for a protective visor shield instead. This isn’t just a regular shield, though. It features the classic LV design and comes with a unique element that makes it even more enticing to buy. The visor protects from UV rays, and self-tints in bright environments, making it a fully functional sun visor.

The price tag is fairly hefty on this stylish protection. $3300 is the starting cost and stock is limited.

1 Solid Gold Mask, Shankar Kurade

Shankar Kurade has an affinity for all things made of gold, and regularly wears various items of solid gold around his neck, wrist and of course, his fingers, too. Refusing to settle for a run-of-the-mill mask, he set out to create something that better reflects his personal style. His all-gold mask is comprised of 60 grams of solid gold and costs upwards of $5,000. However, in order to make it functional, he had to have small holes drilled in it… so an actual protective mask needs to be worn underneath it.

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