27 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY This Year


We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with browsing online Halloween retailers for the perfect store-bought costume, and if we’re being honest, going into one of those brick-and-mortar stores that pop up on the corner every year is highly entertaining — but it just isn’t really Halloween if you don’t make your own costume.

Maybe it’s because it adds the extra nostalgic element to the holiday. Breaking out that sewing kit and going to town on a DIY Halloween costume just really makes it feel like the good old days when making your own get-up was practically a requirement.

If you’re on the hunt for easy Halloween costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got DIY ideas galore. Whether you want to jump on the unicorn trend or are more into dressing up as your favorite Disney character, we’ve got you covered.

A version of this article was originally published September 2018. 


Bite into something sweet this Halloween and get creative with this cupcake costume tutorial.

Rosie the Riveter

Spread some girl power as Rosie the Riveter.


If you've got a little black dress, you're halfway there.

Audrey Hepburn

Eat breakfast at Tiffany's this Halloween as Audrey Hepburn.

‘Despicable Me’ Minion

Channel your inner Minion this Halloween.


Make your Halloween holiday as magical as a unicorn.

Ice Cream Cone

Be sweet and cool just like an ice cream cone.


Show off your green thumb as a flowerpot.

Sun Drop Girl

Dance the night away this Halloween as the Sun Drop girl!

‘The Great Gatsby’

Try dressing up as your best Daisy this Halloween, old sport. Time travel back to The Great Gatsby.

‘Pitch Perfect’

You'll be looking aca-awesome when you dress up like the ladies from Pitch Perfect this Halloween.

Pinterest Board

How about dressing up as a Pinterest board this year?


Fly high this Halloween as a flamingo.

Patti Mayonnaise & Doug Funnie

Feeling "Funnie" this Halloween? Try Dressing up as Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funnie this Halloween!

Gumball Machine

Blow bubbles as a gumball machine.

Broken iPhone

Having a broken iPhone is a fear of many. Scare your friends with this DIY costume.

Fruit of the Loom Grapes

Nothing is more awesome than grapes bringing wine to a party.

‘Where’s Waldo?’

Document your Halloween hijinks with a camera, like Waldo.

Dora the Explorer

Grab your backpacks and vamonos!

Soap & Loofah

Have some squeaky-clean fun with this costume. Literally.

Flo the Progressive Lady

Be Progressive! B-E Progressive!


Nerds have the most fun.

Katniss Everdeen

Kick butt just like Katniss did in The Hunger Games movie with this DIY costume.

Flight Attendant

Next stop: A Halloween party, of course!

Disney Princess — Ariel

Bring a grown-up Ariel to life with a plain-ole white T-shirt.

Disney Princess — Belle

Bet you never knew dressing up like Belle could be so easy.

Disney Princess — Elsa

Because we all secretly want to dress like Elsa, and making her gown is super-easy.

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