17 Celebrities With Surprisingly Successful Siblings

While some celebrities are famous for working with their siblings – such as the Kardashians – fame is not a family business for everyone. That doesn’t mean that the brothers and sisters of celebrities don’t lead fascinating lives and have incredible careers, sometimes even in Hollywood.

It can be easy to idolize celebrities for their talents and glamorous lifestyles – but these siblings of some of our favorite celebs prove that there are many ways to be successful.

9 Rachel and Kayleen McAdams

Actress Rachel McAdams always looks flawless – and it turns out that she has her sister, makeup artist Kayleen McAdams to thank for it.

Kayleen has been doing her older sister Rachel’s makeup since they were children, and has gone on to be one of the most successful and trusted names in makeup in Hollywood.

“Kayleen has a very calming effect on me,” Rachel McAdams shared about getting her makeup done by her sister, “Spending two hours with her beforehand sets me for the night.”

8 Chelsea and Jonah Peretti

Comedian and actress Chelsea Peretti is probably best known for her role as Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as her stand-up. Her brother Jonah might spend less time in front of the camera, but he is also is successful in comedy – he is the founder of the digital media outlet Buzzfeed.

7 Rupert and James Grint

Rupert Grint is famous for his starring role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, but his brother James entertains fans in another way: as a professional race car driver. James is signed with leading UK Rallycross motorsport team Albatec. Rupert can often be seen supporting his brother by cheering him on from the stands.

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6 Robert and Lizzy Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is known as the star of films like “The Lighthouse,” “Good Time,” and the upcoming 2022 Batman film, but his sister Lizzy is gaining a following of her own for her voice.

In 2002, Lizzy sang for the dance band “Aurora.” She also sang with “Milk and Sugar,” and their song, “Let the Sun Shine” was a #1 Billboard Dance Club Hit.

It might seem like the easiest way to get public and media attention would be being related to a movie star, but when Lizzy appeared on the 11th season of X Factor, she kept the fact that Robert was her brother a secret.

5 Jude and Natasha Law

Jude Law has gained great success, including two Academy Awards, millions of dollars, and roles in dozens of blockbusters. His sister Natasha has also had a tremendously successful artistic career, just one that’s less mainstream.

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Natasha Law is a painter. She creates portraits of female figures and works with prominent, high-power clients like Vogue, Max Mara, and Tiffany & Co.

4 Jennifer and Lynda Lopez

Despite the enormous number of films she has been in, A-lister Jennifer Lopez might not be the most on-camera person in the family. Jennifer’s younger sister, Lynda Lopez, is a highly successful broadcast journalist, both on TV and radio.

Lynda Lopez is most recognizable from her time a co-anchor on Good Day New York and Fox 5 Live. She has even won an Emmy for her work.

3 Nicole and Antonia Kidman

Academy Award Winner Nicole Kidman is certainly not the only famous one in the family. While Americans may only be famous with Nicole, Australians will know her sister Antonia as a famous TV personality on the show “From Here to Eternity.”

2 Macaulay, Kieran, and Rory Culkin

Mack Culkin became famous at a young age for films like “Party Monster,” “Saved,” and “The Pagemaster.” Since then he has delighted fans with content like “The Pizza Underground,” a comedy rock band that does parodies of the Velvet Underground using pizza puns, and his podcast “Bunny Ears.”

All the Culkins were child actors to some extent, but Kieran and Rory have kept up with the family tradition. Rory, most famous for horror films like “Signs” and “Scream 4,” can currently be seen on Netflix in the 2018 Paramount miniseries “Waco.”

Kieran, previously in cult favorites like, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and “Igby Goes Down” is currently starring the HBO series Succession, to critical acclaim.

1 Brad and Doug Pitt

Superstar Brad Pitt’s brother Doug Pitt is the first Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. He raised $750K for areas in need of clean water by hiking Kilimanjaro, before becoming the first American to go down by mountain bike.

When asked how he felt about having Brad Pitt for a brother, Doug responded, “I couldn’t be more proud of him. “

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