13 Gifts Under $25 To Buy Your Partner For Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa

While you may love to splurge on a luxe watch or fancy speaker for that special someone, the truth is, you’re on a tight budget. And you know what? Just because you can’t ball out for your boo this year doesn’t mean you can’t find something they’ll adore. In fact, to prove that point, I rounded up a handful of gifts under $25 to buy your partner for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Let’s not forget that the holiday season is not about spending lots of money to try and impress your loved ones, either. It’s about simply giving for the sake of showing them how much you care about them, and you truly can’t put a price tag on that. As they say, it’s the thought that counts — and by giving some serious consideration to your significant other’s hobbies, passions, needs, and goals, you can find something that they’ll not only actually use, but that they’ll fully appreciate. Ask yourself: how do they spend their free time lately? What have they been dying to get better at? What’s one thing that seems to make them smile, even on their worst days?

So, with all of that in mind, here are some affordable gift options that appeal to a wide range of interests.

For Your WFH Warrior

These cozy unisex slippers — which have hundreds of five-star reviews — are sure to be a godsend during the colder months. In fact, thanks to a super plush lining, memory foam insole, and breathable knit upper, I think it’s safe to say your recipient will never want to take them off. Luckily, they feature a non-slip rubber sole, so you can actually wear them outside.

For Fans Of "The Office"

Look no further for that friend who’s already binged every season of The Office multiple times. This trivia game, which features multiple-choice questions, character questions, and show facts, will test their knowledge of the Dunder Mifflin crew.

For A Bookworm

If you’ve got a voracious reader in your life, this gorgeous handmade leather bookmark, which comes in nine colors, is a classy gift option. Personalize it by adding your recipient’s initials, a meaningful word, or a special date in silver, bronze, or gold letters.

For The Glamazon

Honest question: What did I do before pop-on manicures were a thing? Odds are you’ve spotted this particular line, which is vegan and cruelty-free, on Instagram — where beauty bloggers have been singing their products’ praises. While the kits come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and finishes, this particular matte crimson seems fitting for the holiday season.

For Someone With A Sweet Tooth

‘Tis the season for baked treats, and you truly can’t go wrong with these decadent red velvet cookies. Baked Cravings specializes in high-quality confections that are Kosher, nut-free, and dairy-free — and luckily for non-New Yorkers, many of their products can be shipped nationwide. Also worth checking out are the mini s’mores cookies and the cupcakes in a jar. (You’re welcome.)

For The At-Home Mixologist

This best-selling product from the black-founded line InBooze includes a pouch filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs that infuse your alcohol of choice with tasty flavors, so your recipient can enjoy a sugar-free version of their favorite cocktail. The pineapple version of the Moscow mule seems to be a hit based on reviews — and this line also makes infusions for other classic drinks as well, like a bloody Mary mix.

For The Fitness Junkie

Foam rolling is a practical component of any workout regimen — it can help to ease muscle tension, relieve soreness, and even enhance athletic performance by improving range of motion and flexibility. But it also just feels really darn good, too. This one is textured with triple massage zones to replicate the feeling of fingers, thumbs, and palms of the human hand to mimic the experience of a real rub-down. And what could be better after a long run or challenging strength training sesh?

For The Self-Proclaimed Foodie

Whether your partner is already a pro chef or just recently trying to up their game in the kitchen, this sea salt sampler is guaranteed to impress. The kit comes with an array of delicious infused salts, including smoked bacon chipotle, Hawaiian bamboo jade, garlic medley, rosemary, and Hawaiian black lava, all of which can give any dish more depth and flair. Plus, the tins that the salts come in are reusable — and they also come with a small wooden spoon that’s perfect for doling out the right portion of salt.

For The Coffee Lover

If your partner drinks lattes on the daily, this kit — which is made by a woman-owned company — is sure to step their caffeination habit up a notch.

The set comes with five coffee sachets infused with churro flavors, as well as and corresponding creamer packets for the ultimate decadent bev — but reviewers note that you can also make the coffee without the creamer, depending on how indulgent you want it to be. BTW, these latte kits come in plenty of other crave-worthy holiday flavors, like peppermint candy cane and pumpkin spice.

For The Budding Gardener

Does your boo have a green thumb? Or at least aspire to have one? These adorable vintage-inspired jar planters use a passive hydroponic system that not only helps to supply nutrients to the roots but also to regulate moisture — thus making it easy peasy to grow your own herbs. Your SO can use the self-watering jars to grow organic basil, cilantro, sage, and flat-leaf parsley, as well as non-GMO mint.

For The Avid TikToker

Everyone knows that quality lighting is *key* for making quality TikTok and YouTube videos — not to mention for all those Zoom sessions. This ring-light kit comes with a tripod, phone mount, and Bluetooth shutter-control button for easy setup, as well as an inline remote for adjusting the brightness and temperature of the light. Looking good on camera has never been such a cinch.

For The Wine Lover

Any wine drinker knows that as soon as you open a bottle, you only have a limited span of time to drink it before the taste is compromised. Luckily, this handy little sommelier-approved gadget removes the air from any wine bottle, ensuring that it tastes fresh for a whole week. This set contains one vacuum pump and two bottle stoppers, and it’s suitable for all red and white wines.

For The Audiophile

This best-selling gift is perfect for music lovers — and hopeless romantics. Here’s the gist: you put together a playlist for your partner on Spotify, and a custom scannable code is generated and included on the gorgeous wooden cassette tape so your recipient can instantly give it a listen. You can also personalize the product by including text you’d like to engrave on it — such as a short message, your combined initials, or a special date. How cute is that?

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