12-Year-Old Boy 'Fabricated' Story About Mother's Death, Before Admitting to 'Unintentionally' Shooting Her, Police Say

"The child eventually gave a true account of what happened."

A woman who was found dead inside her Alabama home is believed to have been accidentally killed by her own son after the boy initially “fabricated” a story about what happened before coming out with the truth, police say.

On Saturday, August 6, Jefferson County Deputies first released a press release stating that they received a 9-1-1 call to a home in Forestdale, Alabama and discovered 29-year-old Ayobiyi Cook dead on the scene. “There appeared to be no forced entry into the home and a man was seen fleeing from the residence shortly before the 911 call was made,” read the release.

Two days later, however, the department issued an update and claimed Cook’s 12-year-old son actually fired the gun in an accidental shooting.

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“After investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives were able to determine that the victim’s 12 year old son unintentionally discharged a firearm striking his mother causing her death,” said police. “The child originally fabricated a story that detectives determined was not possible. The child eventually gave a true account of what happened.”

Police said evidence on the scene corroborated that the shooting was “unintentional” and added that the Family Court system would take over the case from there. They added that the child’s family “has been cooperative throughout the process” and said the boy will remain with them.

Added police: “This offense is a tragedy for the Cook family and the entire community.”

According to Cooke’s obituary, a service will be held Friday.

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