You’ve been removing the seeds from your peppers all wrong – the right way means you won’t make a mess

One of the most useful skills you can have in the kitchen is knowing how to properly prepare veggies.  

As for red peppers, a recent online video taught viewers a simple way to remove the seeds for easy dicing.

Some of us prepare our peppers by cutting them in half and digging out the abundant small seeds that live inside.

It’s a messy approach that leaves our fingers sticky and our cutting boards covered in remnants.

One TikToker, who goes by @AA10430, posted a video that proved a cleaner way to de-seed these juicy veggies.   

In the clip, he used a sharp knife to make three cuts around the red pepper.

The cuts were only deep enough so that the knife hit the center of the vegetable—not slicing all the way through.

He then used his hand to easily rip the pieces apart, and the seeds only stuck to one of three sides.

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In one quick motion, he pulled the seed clump off the piece and voila: three clean pepper parts.

It is a great hack to add to your list of kitchen cutting tips.

When it comes to tomato chopping, another chef who goes by @AbbyInTheGalley offered two methods that won’t cause your tomatoes to squish and release a mushy mess.

Abby said the kind of knife you use makes all the difference.

“You’re either going to need a really sharp chef’s knife, like my awesome Kuma knife, or a serrated knife.

“The whole goal is to not smush the tomato.”

Step one is to core the tomato: “So to core the tomato, I’m just going to grip upon my knife and make a circular cut around the core.”

While gripping the top of the knife, Abby made a relatively shallow incision around the top stem of the tomato and pulled it out.

The chef then cut the tomato in half lengthwise.

“Here’s the first way to dice a tomato: cut the tomato into even sheets,” Abby said, while slicing down the middle of one of the tomato halves (lengthwise again).

“Then slice it one way, and then slice it the opposite way, and it should come out into small, diced pieces.”

For the second method, Abby de-seeded the tomato.

“Cut the whole tomato into quarters. Then take your knife, and just run it along the base of the seeds—or you can even just pull it out with your fingers,” the chop-master said while removing the soft part that makes up the middle of the fruit.

“Then, you’ll be left with a little tomato petal.

“So same process: make slices one way, and then the opposite way.”

These tomato chopping methods, like the red pepper one, will leave you will clean, aesthetically pleasing cubes.

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