You’ve been cooking your roast all wrong… chef shares five simple mistakes we all make

EVEN the most experienced home cooks can pick up bad habits, and one chef has shared the most common mistakes that we are all guilty of.

Focusing on the Sunday roast – an all-time favourite, ASDA’s Innovations Chef Andrew Johnston is explaining how to nail it for you and your guests.

"The beauty of a roast is there are no rules, and despite ingredients shifting with food trends over the years, the warmth and wholesomeness of the dish remain the same," said the chef.

The chef gives five tips to increase your cooking quality.

More is more

Sprucing up accompaniments is a good way to make your roast more memorable than a bog-standard one.


Adding seeds and crushed nuts to leafy greens is a great way to increase flavour.

Let the toolkit take over

Having household gadgets that help with cooking can make the process flow a lot smoother.

Ensure that you have a thermometer on standby to ensure the food is properly cooked and less hassle.

Time is of the esscence

Start as early as POSSIBLE. Never underestimate the amount of time it can take to cook a roast.

Prepping in advance is always a good shout, peeled and chopped potatoes and vegetables can be kept in sealed containers in water to be cooked quicker the next day.

Should something go wrong – because burnt roasts can happen – you want to give yourself time to start again.

Don't forget to rest

It is important to take time to temper, which means you allow the meat to come up to room temperature before roasting – about 30 minutes should suffice.

After the meat is cooked, allow stand at room temperature for a further 20 minutes before carving.

Shake shake shake

To ensure your roasties are perfectly golden and crunchy, give them a good shake after they are boiled.

The beauty of a roast is there are no rules, and despite ingredients shifting with food trends over the year."

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