You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the cat hiding in the kitchen in less than eight seconds | The Sun

IF you manage to spot the hidden cat in this image within eight seconds then you really do have excellent eye sight.

Your success at finding this hard-to-spot feline means you have 20/20 vision.

But be warned: this quest could mess with your head because this little guy is not where cats normally hang out.

Everyone knows they like to spend most of their day chilling out, but there are limits.

In this case, this furry family pet is feeling particularly chilled.

This optical illusion comes from Hidden Cats (@hiddencats1).

Their TikTok is devoted to “sharing all kinds of hidden cats worldwide.”

In this post, the challenge is to find the furtive feline in the kitchen.

“Where is the cat? Difficult? Easy?” they ask.

The image presented to viewers is a surprising one.

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It's the last place you would expect to find a sleeping cat.

It is a well-stocked fridge, bursting with vegetables, bread, eggs, and any number of foodstuffs in tubs, jars, and bottles.

Could there really be a cat curled up in there somewhere?

It's hard to imagine the circumstances this furry creature found himself in this chill box, but he seems unwilling to relocate any time soon.

“I found kitty," said at least one successful gamer.

Don't worry if you haven't found him because we have the cat's location circled in red below.

Better luck next time.

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