You can now buy a £7.99 spider catcher from Aldi that is perfect for removing creepy crawlies

IT’S safe to say, spiders aren’t the most loved creepy crawlie you can find in your home.

The majority of us will admit that spiders send shivers down our spine, as we freak out trying to get rid of them.

And if you didn’t know, September brings the start of spider mating season.

During the autumn, male arachnids go on the prowl in search of a mate – meaning UK homes are set to be invaded by eight-legged friends this month.

So, if you’re looking to keep your house spider-free, you may want to get down to Aldi asap.

Aldi have brought back their classic spider catcher just in time for the spider season.

One woman shared the Aldi find to TikTok.

Liv Dainton said: “Everyone in the UK run to Aldi and get a spider catcher right now!”

The video shows Liv’s Aldi purchase that she snapped up for just £7.99.

The spider catcher is for indoor and outdoor use and is a ‘fun and friendly way to remove spiders and crawling insects’.

The device allows even the most squeamish customers to remove spiders without harming them.

It works by trapping eight-legged intruders within a soft brush so they can be safely released outside.

To use it, you aim the bristles near the creature and gently squeeze the handles together to keep hold of the crawly.

Now you’ve got it trapped, head outside and release the handles on the contraption to get rid of the spider.

The catcher is made with a 60cm long plastic rod, so you can reach high ceilings where spiders make their cobwebs.

It can also be used to get rid of moths, butterflies and other pesky insects.


Clearly the Aldi bargain has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 264.1k views.

It has 9340 likes, 543 comments and has been shared 1,274 times.

However, TikTok users were left divided over the Aldi find, with some admitting to being too scared to even use it, some resorting to the classic hoover technique to get rid of them and others claiming to not be frightened by spiders at all.

One person said: “I wouldn’t even dare use it.”

Another added: “Why buy that when you can just get your hoover.”

A third commented: “Just pick it up with your hands.”

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