You can clean bathtubs with non-stick floors – and it’s actually really easy

CLEANING the bathtub is probably a universally dreaded task – the scrubbing, the bending down and crouching to get every spot, and the nasty gunk that accumulates from everyday showers is just plain annoying.

However, this cleaning expert found the perfect combination of products to get the tub sparkling clean in just a few minutes – and it's super easy and affordable.

Taking to social media, Vanesa Amaro, the self-proclaimed cleaning queen of TikTok, shared how her process.

"When dealing with a bathtub that has this non-slip material, it is very easy to clean with the right products but hard if you just don't know what to do," she began as she pointed at her dirty tub.

"You can use any product you want, such as Scrub Daddy's Power Paste, you can also use Soft Scrub, Barkeepers, Ajax, whatever you want.

"And a Melamine sponge, such as a Mr. Clean eraser."

She proceeded to pour her cleaning products over the floor of the bathtub before scrubbing the non-slip strips with the sponge.

In just a matter of minutes, the tub looked brand new.

Additionally, she revealed that if you're going to try this at home, you should wet the tub a little bit before getting to work to make the product easier to disperse.

Previously, another TikTok user had revealed that instead of splurging on cleaning products, she used a grapefruit with some sugar sprinkled on top.

She claimed that the acidity of the grapefruit helped break down the soap scum.

Captioning her video, she added: “My favorite part is the smell! Makes ur bathroom smell so good afterward!”

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