Woman's secret iPhone hack allows you to listen to conversations from different rooms & it's blowing people's minds

EVER had the feeling that someone is speaking about you behind your back? Then listen up.

Earlier this week, social media star Emma Caitlin Lewis revealed the iPhone hack which allows you to listen in on conversations from other rooms as part of her "toxic TikTok" series.

Adding a quick disclaimer to the start of the video, Emma stressed that she's "in no way encouraging" followers to do this but that the hack was for "informative and entertainment purposes only".

To begin with, Emma put on her Airpods and went into her iPhone settings, opened "Control Centre" and selected "Hearing".

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you need to then enable the "hearing" option which Emma says is what allows you to listen in on conversations happening near your phone.

Before strategically leaving your phone somewhere, Emma says you need to swipe up on your locked screen for the options panel and make sure you select "Live Listen" which will be under the hearing icon.

She explained: "This means you can listen to whatever is being said on the other end of your phone."

The clip has racked up almost 360,000 views on TikTok and people couldn't believe they never knew how to do it before.

"I want to do this but I'm scared I'm going to get my feeling hurt," one replied.

Another added: "I'm currently single and saving this for future relationships."

A third wrote: "Visiting my in-laws in August – saving this now…" 

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