Woman reveals how she makes a ‘delicious’ family Sunday roast for under 73p per person using Lidl bargains

A SAVVY foodie has revealed how she makes a tasty Sunday roast for just under 73p per person using Lidl bargains. 

Sarah-Jane Handley, from London, shared the feast she made for her husband and her 11 year old son using Lidl bargains. 

Taking to the Facebook group Feed Yourself for £1 a day, Sarah-Jane wrote: “Sunday roast. I am absolutely stuffed.

“Used three portions for roast and made two portions of curry for tomorrow.”

The total roast came to £3.65, which worked out at 73p for the five meals – and Sarah-Jane said there was even some food leftover for their cat. 

She broke down what she had bought at Lidl, with the most expensive item being a whole chicken for £2.30.


  • Whole chicken £2.30
  • Mixed veg 30p
  • Mash 40p
  • Roast potatoes 20p
  • Roast carrots 20p
  • Stuffing 10p
  • Gravy 15p

She added mixed veg, mashed potato, roast potato, roast carrots, stuffing and gravy to complete the tasty meal. 

Sarah-Jane shared photos of the finished meal on Facebook, and people were highly impressed at her purse-friendly creation. 

One said: “Looks delicious!! We had a roast today too now I can’t move either.”

Another added: “Oh my days… That looks like I'd demolish it!”

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