Woman makes horrific discovery after putting mattress on the floor for a month while she waited for a new bed frame

MOVING into a new home can be a process and often you're left waiting weeks for furniture to finally arrive.

This was the case for one woman who was left without a bed after moving into her new place, so, naturally, she chose to put her mattress on the floor until it came – but little did she know she'd come to regret her decision.

Posting to Facebook, the 20-year-old woman, from Australia, revealed she spent $2,500 (around £1,300) on a brand new mattress and had it on her bedroom floor for an entire month, before her new bed frame arrived.

Excited to finally put her bed together, she removed the mattress from the floor but was left horrified when she came across what was underneath.

Sharing the grim discovery online, she revealed an excessive amount of mould had developed on the underside of the mattress and on her floor.

Seeking advice from others, she shared in a Facebook group titled Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia: "Someone please tell me how I can save this?

"This is a brand new mattress I got from Harvey Norman for $2500 a month ago. I’ve had it on the floor while I waited for my new bed to come.

"I knew the room was damp but I never realised this could happen."

Unaware that mould could develop, the woman added: "It’s my first home I’ve moved into, I’m only 20 and no-one ever warned me this would be a problem.”

People were quick to comment on her post, with some sharing their concerns over just how much mould had built up in four weeks.

"Unfortunately you can’t save that mattress for your health’s sake, it’s too far gone. I think same with the carpet," said one person.

Another quizzed: "Is the room damp? Quite concerned for your health if this has been able to happen after one month!"


A third person offered an explanation behind the mould build-up, as they added: "This will happen to any and every home if a mattress is used on the carpet and isn’t stood up every day to air out. The moisture has nowhere to go, there’s no air flow and it’s a breeding ground for mould."

One more shared: "This happens when you put a mattress on the floor regardless of the house. Because when you sleep your body heat gets trapped. This is why beds have slats or holes on the base.”

Sadly, the woman's hopes of saving her brand new mattress were dashed as she later confirmed that not only was she forced to buy a new one, she also had to spend out on a new carpet.

Sharing an update, she revealed: "Unfortunately I’ve now got to buy a mattress and pay for carpet install. Thank you for all your help.”

May this be a word of warning to you all…

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