Woman blasts ‘cheap’ date for only buying water – but gets savaged for cruel comments

A WOMAN blasted her date for only buying her water after they went out for a slap-up meal, but he got revenge in the best way possible. 

Navigating the world of dating can be tricky and a meal is usually seen as a safe bet – but one woman didn’t like the fact her man didn’t pull out all the stops. 

Rather than ordering champagne or cocktails, he settled on sensible and budget-friendly water – which didn’t go down too well. 

The woman snubbed his efforts to woo her, after the pair headed out for burgers and fries.

She tweeted a photo of their romantic dinner, with a glass of water with ice and straw visible in the shot. 

The unimpressed woman wrote: “You know he’s broke when he buys you water.”

But it seems her date clearly followed her online, as he also saw the message – and snapped back for all to see. 

He wrote: “You know you’re broke when you depend on someone else to pay for your meal.”

Their brutal exchange was later shared to Reddit – where the woman was blasted for being so ungrateful. 

One person asked: “What's wrong with water? I always get water when I'm out if I'm not drinking coffee. Not because I'm "too broke" but because I love it.”

While this bloke wrote: “On a first date it’s always just coffee at Starbucks. I want her only incentive to be meeting me not a free dinner.”

While a third agreed, writing: “Coffeeshop first dates are always the way to go. You can easily bail if things aren't great and you're in for just a few bucks.”

And this person thought: “Corrected you know you broke when someone else has to buy your water.”

While someone else added: “Maybe he bought you water because the food is unhealthy enough and at least the drink should be healthy!!

“Also I like the response from the guy!”

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