Tony Hawk and Family Hit the Open Road During Quarantine

Around this time last year, the professional skateboarder and his wife, Catherine Goodman, were having dinner at the Oscars. Now they’re enjoying quality time on R.V. trips with their children.

By Brianna Holt

In early July, Tony Hawk and Catherine Goodman, rounded up their six children, Riley Hawk, 28, Spencer Hawk, 21, Miles Goodman, 21, Keegan Hawk, 19, Calvin Goodman, 18, and Kadence Hawk, 12, for a road trip across the western United States in an R.V.

“In the beginning of the pandemic, it became pretty clear that the kids were so desperate to get out,” Ms. Goodman said. The two-week road trip consisted of stops in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Colorado — all states that the family had never explored.

Mr. Hawk and Ms. Goodman, who married in 2015, are no strangers to travel. Prepandemic, Mr. Hawk, the professional skateboarder, would spend half of the year traveling for work, which included attending skate competitions, fund-raising events, and shooting commercials, and Ms. Goodman, a theater and film producer, would often join.

Quarantine offered the family, who is usually dispersed across different states, the opportunity to be under one roof at their home in Encinitas, Calif. “The pandemic has granted us more time and pushed a much more consistent schedule for us,” said Mr. Hawk, noting that his previous extensive schedule meant always being on-call and flying to different places at the drop of a hat. “It was all a little too hectic and it was really hard to carve out quality time with the kids.”

With the increased time spent at home, Mr. Hawk and Ms. Goodman have witnessed an improvement in their relationships with their children and also gained a lucid understanding of their interests and needs.

Mr. Hawk, 52, is especially grateful for the extra time with his daughter Kadence, who is turning 13 in June. “I didn’t know how challenged she was, and I probably wouldn’t have known the depths of it had I not been home,” he said.

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