Thrifty woman shares easy eight-point plan that helps her batch cook for a MONTH – and her recipes couldn’t be easier

A THRIFTY woman has shown how she batch cooks delicious meals for the entire MONTH. 

Food-lover Jane revealed she makes beef pies, casseroles, cottage pies and lasagne to save money and avoid wasting time cooking each day. 

She wrote on her food blog Frugal Queen in France: “How I batch cook for the month.

“I always like to have a few meals in the freezer for the days when I’m too busy, too tired, can’t be bothered or all of the previous three.” 

Jane shared photos of her hard work in the kitchen, with batches of meals laid out on the counters.

Jane said she has eight simple steps to helping her get organised, including making as many meals as she can all on one day. 


  • I make a list of what I already have.
  • I cook from that first and get that in the freezer.
  • I use reusable foil dishes that I use several times but they have to be hand washed.
  • I cook what I know we like and will freeze well.
  • I make as many meals as I can on one day and split my batch cooking over a few non consecutive days.
  • I label everything but generally I know what it is.
  • Stews and casseroles freeze fine in a plastic bag and I use them afterwards too.
  • When I think we have enough in the freezer then I stop.

She first makes a list of everything she has at home and cooks it first to go in the freezer. 

She typically chooses dishes she knows will freeze well, and stores stews and casseroles in plastic bags. 

Jane explained: “To start, as simple as it sounds, we talk about what we like that are easy to cook, that will freeze well and are tried and tested old favourites.”


Beef pies

It’s a simple stew with cheap beef cut into cubes, onions, carrots and stock and left to slow cook, then thickened with a little cornflour and water, then left in the slow cooker all day.

Sausage and bean casserole

I cook the sausages first, whilst they are in the oven, I start with chopped onions, chopped peppers, tinned tomatoes, garlic, cumin, paprika and salt and pepper. I just fry off the onion, peppers and garlic in oil and add everything else including the cooked sausages and a tin of bean. You can use any beans but it bulks out the protein.

I also made cottage pies, lasagne, sausage rolls, Cornish pasties and steak and kidney pie.

Her popular favourites with husband Mike include Cornish pasties, sausage rolls and steak and kidney pies. 

Other dishes go in reusable foil dishes that she uses a number of times, and everything is well-labelled so she can easily find them in the freezer. 

When she thinks there is enough in supply, she then stops her cooking and can start planning for the next session. 

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