This Morning's sauciest moments relived – from sex dolls to a 'human puppy' & an 81-year-old cougar's very graphic romps

THERE will be fewer giggles on the This Morning sofa now Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been told to tone down their saucy segments.

The Sun revealed this week that more children are watching the show thanks to being at home rather than in school.

It prompted ITV bosses to get the duo to tone down their innuendos and make sure they don’t cover anything too explicit, in a bid to make sure no parents get offended.

Over the years the daytime show has covered a range of bizarre stories, from 'sex dolls' to men with puppy fetishes and even a couple that can orgasm by hugging.

Here, we take a look back at some of the most risqué guests who have graced the sofa…

The couple who can orgasm by hugging

Holly was left in hysterics after interviewing a couple from America who say they can orgasm for 18 hours a day, simply by hugging.

Appearing on the show in 2017, Scott and Melanie McClure explained how practising tantric sex had boosted their ability to climax.

Melanie told the pair: “It helps us pull our sexual energy up our body, the more we make love the more energised we are.

“I can be sleepy at the beginning but can keep going to morning.”

Unable to stop herself, Holly asked if the couple were having an orgasm live on air, before calling them “machines”.

She also joked that she would call them after the show to find out more about the practice.

The man with the 'world’s biggest penis'

In 2012, Phil and Holly were treated to some time with Josh Falcon – who claimed to have the world’s biggest penis at the time.

To make sure viewers could see the size difference, Phil even had a cardboard cutout he could demonstrate on.

In the clip, Josh explains to Phil and Holly that while the average penis is three to four inches while flaccid, his is nine.

During the segment, the pair revealed that all records had to be verified by a member of the team – meaning Josh’s member had been measured.

Holly told viewers: "He said we could go and have a look but we declined.”

While Phil added: "We didn't think that would be appropriate."

The Gran who used a 'tub of KY jelly' for wild sex with toyboy lover

Last year viewers and presenters were left gasping as an 81-year-old told of her romps with a toyboy 45-years her junior.

Iris Jones proudly boasted about her sex life with Mohamed Ahmed and spared no details about their first night of passion.

She said: “The first night – pretty rough, it was rough. Nobody has been with me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again.

“Can I say what we used? A whole tube of KY Jelly. And the thing is, I couldn’t walk the next day, I felt as if I had been riding a horse. Saddle sore wasn’t in it.”

Her admissions left Holly and Phil in fits of giggles, as usual, and her son was so embarrassed he nearly fainted.

Perhaps her story should have been saved for after the watershed.

The man who is a 'human puppy'

One chat that was branded particularly disturbing by viewers was with 'human puppy' Tom Peters back in 2016.

He was interviewed by Phil and Holly dressed as a Dalmatian, while insisting that his passion had nothing to do with sex.

Tom said: “There's no sort of sexual aspect to the puppy side of life.

"It might be the catalyst that might lead on to, but it's not the puppy that's involved in the activity.

"Just because you relax and unwind, it could lead further into the bedroom side of things."

One fan described the interview on Twitter as “seriously disturbing".

Sex positions for over 60s

Showing pensioners how to have sex is not what most people would consider daytime TV – unless it’s ITV’s This Morning.

Back in 2011 Phil and Holly showed just how the over 60s could still see some action in the bedroom and what sex toys are best.

In the segment, Phil said: “We ought to make it clear that we are going to be demonstrating positions, showing sex aids and discussing intimate details during this item.”

Luckily he warned little eyes to look away first, but it didn’t stop co-host Holly from looking rather embarrassed.

And things got even more awkward when an elderly couple were brought on to show how each sex position should be performed.

The married man with over 200 'love dolls'

Another unforgettable moment from This Morning came when a married man brought his wife and several female dolls onto the sofa.

Bob Gibbons, 60, spent over £100,000 collecting the love dolls and proudly showed a handful of them off to Holly and Phil in 2011 – with his wife, Lizzie, sat awkwardly looking on.

Phil joked: “I’ve sat on this sofa for a number of years now but never in my life have I seen a sight like this.”

He then went on to describe the dolls sitting in a “provocative way” and “faces designed for other things”.

The couple take the dolls out and about to tell X-rated stories for their website, but Bob claims he doesn’t have sex with them.

Bizarrely, Lizzie claimed she “doesn’t mind at all” about her husband’s obsession with the plastic women.

Some of the Japanese-designed girls looked “disturbingly young” according to Phil, but Bob proved unbothered, insisting he didn’t see them in “that way”.

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