Shopper shows off HUGE sale haul saving her £500 – but gets slammed for ‘clearing shelves’

A DELIGHTED woman shared her huge sales haul online… but not everyone was impressed with the purchases.

Savvy shopper Megan Ayr was thrilled that she'd managed to pick up some big bargains in Superdrug and M&S in the sales, saving more than £500.

Taking to Facebook group B&M Bargains, Money Saving Deals & Discount Codes to spread the word about the rock-bottom prices at in the cosmetics and food stores, her humongous haul caught plenty of attention.

The entire shop was made up of lip kits at the discount price of £2 when they were originally £20.

There was also Cocoa brown at 40p down from £7.99 and Carmex costing £2 instead of the regular £10.


She also snagged Disney body sprays for £2 instead of £12 and chocolate coins at 25p a bag rather than £1.

From M&S Megan bagged a £55 turkey for just £11.55 and a festive yule log for 87p rather than the original cost of £3.

But the post, including a cost breakdown of her buys and pictures of the mega-shop, gained a lot of comments as people weren't impressed by the volume she bought in.

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Some women came for her, claiming she had taken more than she should have done.

One said: "What do people do with all this 'stuff'? I always think I'd love to do this for xmas presents the following year but I have no idea what I'd do with it all for a whole year?"

Another asked: "Not to be negative but what will you do with so much of each thing?"

And a third said "That’s why most people can never find anything."

While another said: "Did u leave anything for anyone else?"

But others jumped to the bargain hunters defence.

One said: "To all those complaining about how much she bought… why not get your a***es up and go shopping yourself?

"You know after Christmas everything goes onto a major sale.. so rather complaining about those who do get up and grab bargains get up yourself and get some."

Another said: "Personally I would clear the shelf too and then put them in hampers to sell on for a profit. It's a dog eat dog world out there."

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