Royal jewellery hand-me-downs: Stunning jewels Queen has generously loaned worth millions

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Queen Elizabeth regularly adds pieces of jewellery to her outfits, including special pieces that resurface now and again from previous family members that the monarch has inherited throughout her years as monarch. From time to time, the Queen also loans these heirlooms to other royals for special occasions.

For centuries, Queens and Princesses have had access to the finest jewellery that has been in the family for hundreds of years.

While many of these pieces now sit out of sight in the Queen’s collection, some have made recent appearances on current Royal Family members like Kate Middleton.

Luxury jewellers and diamond specialists at Austen & Blake have shared some stunning jewels that have reappeared on royals throughout the years.

One piece that has been seen repeatedly on royals since it’s original owner Queen Alexandra wore it is her stunning wedding necklace.

Gifted to Queen Alexandra on her wedding day back in 1863, the lavish pearl necklace has been passed down through generations of royals.

It was eventually passed down to the Queen Mother before the current monarch inherited it in 2002 after her passing.

While the Queen hasn’t been seen wearing it in some time, it resurfaced in 2015 when the Queen loaned it to Kate Middleton for a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

It is made up of eight large pearls surrounded by diamonds and is connected by diamond festoons with drop pearls hanging from the central clusters.

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Diamond specialists at Austen & Blake have valued this spectacular piece at around £860,000, which although may seem pricey, is far from the most expensive item in the Queen’s collection.

Another piece worn by Kate in 2015 was Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara which was made in 1913.

The diadem was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II after the death of Queen Mary in 1952 and has since been seen on Princess Diana and Kate, although it wasn’t seen for several years after Diana passed in 1997.

According to the experts, the tiara has been modified over the years, removing a row of upright pearls that sat at the top of the tiara, replacing them with a row of diamonds.

The stunning diamonds sit amongst a collection of 19 pearls set in both silver and gold.

The specialists have valued this special piece to be worth a whopping £1.45million.

Queen Elizabeth has a huge number of tiaras in collection, that tend to only be worn for very special occasions like weddings.

One piece loaned to Princess Eugenie for her wedding is the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik which was originally made in 1919.

It belonged to the heiress the Hon, Mrs Greville, a close friend of the Queen Mother, who left her jewels to her when she passed.

When the Queen Mother passed in 2002, this was just one of the pieces inherited by the current monarch.

However, it hadn’t been seen on any royals until 2015, when Princess Eugenie wore it on her wedding day.

According to the experts, like many of the other pieces in the Queen’s collection, this diadem has been modified throughout the years, taking it from a crown-like design to a bandeau style.

Composed of rose-cut diamonds, the weave of the tiara highlights six emeralds that are inset to each side, with a huge stone in the middle of the piece.

The specialists have valued this piece to be worth a huge £1.2million.

Like Princess Eugenie who borrowed the Greville tiara for her wedding, the Queen also loaned Meghan Markle a beautiful piece when she tied the knot with Prince Harry in 2018.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau which originally belonged to Queen Mary was passed to the current Queen after her death in 1953.

The centre jewel of the tiara was originally gifted to Queen Mary in the form of a brooch in 1893 and it wasn’t until 1932 where it was made into a tiara.

According to the experts, Queen Elizabeth hasn’t been seen wearing it since acquiring it but it reappeared in 2018 when it was loaned to Meghan Markle for her wedding day.

The specialists have valued this piece to be worth a whopping £2.25million due to it being made up of 11 flexible sections, all of which are pave set with both large and small brilliant diamonds in a geometric design.

It also has a detachable brooch which is made up of 11 brilliant diamonds set within the centre.

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