Redemption RTW Spring 2021

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Redemption, which decamped from Paris Fashion Week, brought its cool, rock ‘n’ roll vibe to the Milan schedule. To unveil its spring collection, the luxury label filmed a video at a magnificent mansion in the Lombardy countryside, where a group of glamorous and adventurous girls congregated to have fun and ride horses.

Redemption founder and creative director Bebe Moratti, who also performed the soundtrack for the video, was inspired by Queen’s “A Day at the Races” album, and imagined a group of punks attending Royal Ascot. This contradiction was expressed in beautifully crafted and exquisitely draped gowns, but also feminine bows and asymmetric cuts – all rendered in a vibrant color palette of red, pink, emerald green and electric blue.

Working almost exclusively with eco-friendly materials, Redemption, which through a collaboration with Eco Age’s is working hard to elevate its sustainability standards, is also the first label to use ecological sequins. It also employed eco-leather treated with a special technique that has a low impact on the environment.

Redemption RTW Spring 2021

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With its fierce and bold esthetic, Redemption offered a young, audacious interpretation of eveningwear for a new generation of party girls.

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