People are sharing their ultimate life hacks from an easy way to store carriers to the RIGHT way to use a sieve

LOCKDOWN has given people the opportunity to hone their house keeping skills – whether that’s cooking, cleaning or organising.

And now people are sharing the life hacks they have discovered during the pandemic that have made their chores a little easier.

Kelly, who runs the TikTok account The Life Bath, shared her own genius tip with her followers.

The woman perfected her snack platter by dolloping her dip into a wine glass before placing it into a bowl that she filled with crisps.

She then encouraged her followers to share their own nifty hacks – here we reveal some of the best…

Draining dream

User Shannon Doherty shared her tip for draining pasta with ease.

Rather than pouring the pasta into a sieve to drain, she places the sieve over the hot pan so that the base is sitting in the water.

She then lifts the pan so that the water falls out of the top of the sieve, while keeping the pasta in the pan.

Top tomato

Pierre the Chef revealed how you can cut your chopping time down when it comes to tomatoes.

He lays his cherry tomatoes out on his chopping board before gathering them under the lid of a plastic container, pressing down slightly to keep them in place.

He then takes a bread knife and slices all the way across underneath the lid, halving all if the tomatoes as he goes.

Bag tidy

Emma Brooke solved the age old problem of what to do with all of your old carrier bags with her tip.

She can be seen folding a bag for life into a small triangular shaped pocket that tucks neatly into its own handle.

The bag can now be thrown in a drawer or popped in your handbag ready to be used again.

Magic garlic

Separating egg yolks and white can be a real faff, as any cook will tell you, but Goldwyn share their very simple method.

Begin by cracking your egg into a shallow dish. Then take a peeled clove of garlic and gently rub it between your forefinger and thumb.

You can then simply lift the egg yolk using your finger and thumb from the white and onto a separate plate – as if by magic.

Lettuce show you how

Kristi Denim shaves time off her salad prep with this very simple tip.

Rather than cutting out the core of a lettuce she simply bangs it against the worktop once. 

Kristi then flips the head over and the core pulls right away leaving her with nothing but edible leaves.

Back in a Flash

Mrs C revealed her tip for Flash mop users.

Rather than forking out for the official Flash wipe refills, she suggests picking up a reusable version instead.

She explains: “These microfibre mop pads are around £1.99, they stick straight onto your mop (if it has stick on pads.)

“And once you have finished you can just wash it instead of buying new pads every few weeks.”

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