People are only just realising Greggs bakes have secret markings to tell them apart – how well do you know your pasties? | The Sun

MOST people barely look twice at their grub before they begin gorging on their Greggs.

But Brits have been left mind blown after discovering the bakery have sneaked a secret code on their popular pasties.

It turns out the mysterious markings on top of your favourite snacks are a lot more than just a pretty pattern.

Each Greggs bake, pastry and roll sports a different design so that staff – and regulars – can easily tell them apart.

Due to the mammoth range of items on the menu, workers need to be able to differentiate them quickly during the lunchtime rush.

So how well do you know your pasties?


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The Corned Beef-filled treat can be identified thanks to the horizontal scores across the top of the golden pastry.

Foodies can spot the difference from its sister snack, the Sausage and Bean Melt, which instead has a series of slits straight across.

The Ham and Cheese Bake can be spotted on the counter thanks to the trim around its edges as well as the lines scored across it.

For those who opt for the Cheese and Onion Bake instead, you may be familiar with the giant Vs across the pastry.

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Greggs fans who grab a Steak Bake to ease their hunger can distinguish them by looking out for there trademark diagonal slits, complete with a trim around the side.

Whereas Chicken Bakes stand out from the crowd thanks to the wavy markings punctured into the pastry.

As well as impressing your pals with your bakery knowledge, it could also save you the disappointment of asking for a sold out product.

But even employees admit the secret code can be hard to comprehend for customers who have no clue of it.

Former store manager Jamie Dear told the Mirror: "This is something I hadn't noticed when I was a shopper at Greggs before I started working there.

"One of the first things you have to do is learn the markings.

"And it can only really be done in a textbook style with a list and picture of what it should look like. It's like a new language."

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